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Crazy Ex-Girlfriend - I'm On My Own Path - Review: I Live in this Park

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I cannot tell a lie: this season is really shaping up to be my favorite. (Theme song included.) In episode three, we find Rebecca cornered by nearly all facets of her life. Her career is in flux, her relationships, and the direction of her life.

Like many of us in the real world, Rebecca avoids making life choices by running away from her responsibilities. By flashing back to the pilot in the opening tease, we are reminded of the moment when Rebecca first runs out of her big NYC law firm. Which as we know, leads her to run into Josh and later follow him back to West Covina – thus setting the stage for the entire show. By the episode’s end, we actually come to realize alongside Rebecca that she didn’t just move to West Covina to be with Josh – but subconsciously to run away from a job she doesn’t want to do. This discovery sets off our heroine on a completely new path: a proud owner of pretzel shop; aptly named, “Rebetzels Pretzels”. That’s right, our girl makes pretzels now. But have no fear, she’s conveniently located in the front lobby of the law firm. I expect Paula, Darryl, Nathaniel, and the rest of the gang won’t be strangers which will make for more interesting conversations now that they don't have to keep up with the pretense their working lawyers. This is a clever tactic on the writers’ part. They get to completely change Rebecca’s professional identity, but keep her around the cast of characters and world we love.

Now in other big news, Heather and Hector are hitched! While it started off as a half-baked plan to get married for health insurance benefits (way to go corporate America for knowing how to make true love last), it ended up becoming one of the sweetest moments on the show. Ever. I cried. I find it hard to believe that when we first met Heather four+ years ago, she was a loner, jaded pessimist, anti-establishment rebel who was never going to graduate college, and was probably only brought in to add diversity. However since then, she's really grown into her own character, transforming into a solid friend, confident working-woman, and loving relationship partner. (Though, she still gets far less screen time than I'd like.) I loved Heather in the beginning, but I love her even more now.

Best New Character: AJ. When Rebecca first jumps into the pretzel biz, we meet this lovely millennial who’s zero-tolerance for her antics leads Rebecca to let loose the most amazing “narc” puns. Stand-outs include: Narcer Posey, Narc by Narc Jacobs, Narc Twain, and Narc Zuckerberg.

Best Song: “Don’t Be a Lawyer” sung by Tim. It’s been weeks and that dang song is still on repeat in my brain. It’s just SO catchy…

Catch new episodes of Crazy Ex-Girlfriend, Fridays at 8pm on The CW.

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