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Crazy Ex-Girlfriend - I Want To Be Here & I Am Ashamed - Double Review: "My name is Debra"

I’ll start out by saying, I’m pretty new to the CXG bandwagon. About six months ago, I tried starting the series after a friend wouldn’t stop telling me I had to watch it. (She would often serenade me with one of the many clever yet graphic songs, which I will say are much weirder when taken out of context.) It took me a few months to watch only a handful of episodes because I just couldn’t get past its’ unorthodox style and fantastical premise. But one particular night, I gave the show another try and something clicked. And that is the story of how I became addicted to this witty little show filled with friendship, feminism, and over-the-top shenanigans. It took me maybe 10 days to get thru the rest of the series – approximately 40+ episodes if you were wondering just how fast I can binge.

Through my accelerated viewing, I was able to see the effortlessly talented Rachel Bloom’s Rebecca go from self-absorbed and naïve, to an eccentric in denial, to finally self-aware but self-destructive. When the fourth – and sadly final – season picks up, we see Rebecca finally trying to take responsibilities for her “crazy” actions. True to form, it’s well-intentioned but misplaced.

We can clearly see in the first two episodes just how far Rebecca has come. She is more grounded than ever before, makes conscious choices to take care of her mental health, and she is truly trying to focus on her independence. I’m personally torn with whether or not I want Rebecca with someone at the end of the series. On one hand, the hopeless romantic in me wants her to find love and be in a healthy relationship. On the other, Rebecca has spent so much of the series and her life obsessing over needing someone else. So it would be fitting to watch her find true peace and happiness with herself. We shall see what happens as the final season progresses…

One thing I love about this show is that even when Rebecca is completely delusional about what's going on in her own reality – she fully understands complex social issues and casually throws out social commentary as if it’s clear as day. It’s usually an off-handed comment, but sometimes in song, which touches on mental health issues, women’s rights, stigmas around sex, or as episode one highlights: our broken penal system. I’m excited to see Rebecca use her law talent somewhere outside the boardroom to actually help people.

Overall, the songs this season haven’t stuck with me too much; although a few standouts do exist. “No One Else is Singing My Song” in the premiere is a clear front runner. How they managed an 11-part, full cast harmony will forever amaze me. A new fan-favorite I’ve been seeing around the internet would be “The Cringe” from episode two, but if I’m being honest it just made me want to cringe. That being said, the costume design was spectacular and who doesn't love Patton Oswalt?

So what do you think of Darryl actually naming his baby (with Rebecca’s egg via Heather’s womb) Hebecca? Should Nathaniel still be considered a possible love interest for Rebecca? And just what do you think of Josh’s introspective journey? Hit the comments!


About the Author - Michele Schulman
Michele is a new member of the SpoilerTV team, but a long-time pop-culture nerd and TV show addict. If she isn't traveling or socializing, you can typically find Michele binging Netflix in her New York City apartment with a cup of tea and her laptop open to read about whatever show she's watching. Some of her favorites currently are Grey's Anatomy, The Bold Type, Jane the Virgin, Game of Thrones, The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel, and The Good Place. She's still anxiously awaiting news for a Chuck revival.
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