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Charmed - Other Women & Kappa Spirit - Review: "Pressing My Troussers"

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Charmed continuously delivers good outings, and while they seemingly peaked (for now) with episode 4, episodes 5 & 6 were fairly decent outings, exploring the sisters as individuals and handling tough subjects and working through some consequences of their magic. The feeling that the writers settled in the verse they created is palpable and the security in telling their stories grows bigger with each outing.

Other Women

Losing Niko Hamata was a more emotional story than I expected it to be. While the reasoning and execution were quite solid I am still a bit vague on the real consequences. Yes, Mel lost her job but considering you succeed a whole person out of your life losing your job seems like nothing. So many

things would have changed and would or wouldn`t happen, including Trip´s and Marisol`s death. Still, the emotional rollercoaster that Mel experienced in this outing was quite captivating. I read a lot of comments online on how people are annoyed by Mel and Melonie`s acting. The goodbye scene between her and Niko was like a dagger through my heart, the memories flashing while the sisters were saying the spell and Mel saying goodbye so beautiful and painful at the same time. The love Mel felt for Niko was never questioned and was always so palpable and in the essence of her character. The dialogue was a bit clunky but executed well enough to get the feelings across the screen.

Craig Parker`s Alastair Caine getting more screen time in this outing was a well-appreciated development and I am truly eager to find out more about him, what powers he has and how what other moves he will make against the girls. It was nice to see the introduction of Hunter, his shapeshifting son was a good twist. It is good to see the bad guys having a goal now, which would make them not going after the sister right away reasonable- While I am not a huge fan of the science angle, the witch DNA goal make sense so far.

Onto the other two sisters who were occupied with solving their love life issues. Maggie continues to be my favorite sister. Sarah Jeffrey`s charm combined with Maggie`s silly attitude but ability to capture the serious moments makes her a true pleasure to watch and something to look forward to. Her growth from episode to episode is really enjoyable and it continues in the next episode but later on that.

Maggie and Macy scenes this week were really enjoyable and I appreciate the writers' effort to develop and strengthen the sisterly bond. Trying to destroy Summer was a hilarious moment. The look on Macy´s face was hilarious and Summer`s reaction to the whole situation made it way better. This introduction to the Macy mystery was done smoothly. Galvin`s Ahole attitude wasn`t really making him more likable but I felt some resonance. He is a big hurt boy acting out cause the girl he liked turned him down. He did bounce back smoothly by dating Summer and trying to cut himself off from Macy. A clean cut is the best cure for rejection.

Last but not least, Harry`s interaction with the girls is also improving with each episode. The reveal of Harry having his past wiped out was moving. Rupert Evans brings so much complexity to Harry and all the tidbits we are getting him to make his character better with each week-

Kappa Spirit

And Macy`s story depends. The latest episode of Charmed dropped some hints at Macy`s past and that things are more complicated than they initially appeared. During Maggie`s and Macy`s trip to 1989, we find out Marisol was worried about Macy and her pregnancy. The trip to the past was surprising and very dope. That combines with the reveal that Galvin's glowing tattoo is apparently a Hawaiian protection mark to keep him safe from her, cause she has the Ibi(darkness) in her. Macy's confession of her fears to her sisters was really emotional, Madeline really put in some emotions into this and the look in her eyes was simply heartbreaking. My current guess regarding Macy`s darkness is that Marisol got pregnant with a demon/warlock and after she found that out she gave Macy away and that we are yet to meet her Ibi dad while her adoptive dad is dead. Also, that could potentially open Macy to be the Harpincher`s next host, but I am already reaching too much. In an interview, Jennie Urman revealed that a father will be mentioned in episode 7 so I hope we get some input on Macy`s adoptive or real dad in the next episode.

The Macy-Harry scenes this weak were a true treasure. Their awkwardnesses complement each other very well and created some great scenes. The chemistry between them is really getting to me and breading a little shipper heart deep within me. While Macy can`t see the Harry cause of her Galvin focus, I see Harry seeing Macy for her whole greatness.

As an old-school Hart of Dixie fan, I was thrilled to see McKaley Miller in the role of psycho ghost Brenda. Brenda`s story worked well with the ongoing Lucy-Maggie story. The whole Brenda-Lucy
banter was very enjoyable and Nathalie Hall balanced the Queen and the Dutches really well. Maggie realizing all of her mistakes and coming to a peaceful place with Lucy once again proved why Maggie is my favorite sister at the moment. Pushing Maggie away from Kappa is a good decision, while Kappa supported her story well being Kappa free can give her even more space to grow.

Niko-less Mel was a neat breath of fresh of air. Her being bit in the background complementing her sisters` stories and not obsessing over her relationship or anything for that matter humanized her. It put the pressure of her and the small tidbits the writers provided felt natural and reasonable for someone who just broke up with the life of their life. I doubt the Vera sisters will continuously live a Niko-free life but let's enjoy what we are getting out of it so far.

The witchy-sisterhood initiation for Maggie and Harry is the type of scenes we need more of. The sisters being together and bonding. The lack of Macy-Mel scenes so far is quite noticeable and those two desperately need to get closer on screen.

One thing I find a bit overkill is the standing in front of the book and asking for help. Do your witching girls, do not slack. . .

What are your thoughts on the two most recent outings of Charmed? Did their building mystery grab you or were you shaking your head while watching? Drop by the comment section down below and share your thoughts on the episodes and my theories.

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