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Charmed - Exorcise Your Demons - Review: Morality Bites

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With each episode that passes, Charmed is raising their game, bringing the sisters closer and expanding their universe. Episode 4 of Charmed's freshman run was an exciting hour pushing the sisters closer together and teaching them that they can't always win.

The introduction of Charity and her Elderly attitude rocked the pretty cosy world of our 3

Charmed girls. Vanessa Williams was perfect in her entitled and powerful manner. The way she toyed around with Harry and Mel was entertaining and her Silencing power was a neat treat. Making the Elders be powerful experienced witches was a nice way of twitching the original Charmed- mythology. Making the girls Mother an Elder was an even better twitch on the story. I do enjoy the fact that the three still go head to head against the Elders.

But the best part of Charity's appearance was the nudge of information she gave about Marisol and the anguish spell. It opened up to a wonderful emotional moment for Madeleine Mantock's Macy. That is probably the only thing I resent the show at the moment. They are very slow burning Macy's story. We need more action and progress on that side. Hopefull to come soon.

Maggie's side story involving Parker is still annoying me. It is very cliche and that kiss was completely unnecessary. Still their interaction provided some character development and allowed Maggie to grow. Living with two accomplished and empowered sisters doesn't help so Maggie's selfdoubt is understandable. I do hope they find a way to pull of this Parker storyline without too much drama.

Mel's fight for Angela Wu (it's weird but I love them saying her full name all the time) was admirable. The guilt that was eating her up pushed the episode on a rollercoaster ride and combined some really funny scenes but resulted in a big loss. The sisters coming together and standing by each other is what I loved most about this episode. The show thrives the most when they build on their relationship, and we need more of that. Trip's demise wasn't a real shocker. The likelihood of him surviving dropped the moment he rose suspicion against the girls. Him dying this quikly does raise the stakes on the show. While that is a very brave move, I wonder how the story will play out. Niko won't rest that easily and I doubt Angela Wu will stop asking questions either. Ellen Tamaki's Niko broke my heart as she winded up in Mel's arms broken into pieces. As the Elders promised consequences, I am sure Mel won't rest with the twist they put on Trip's fate.

The episode concluded with the introduction of Craig Parker's mysterious most likely demonic character taking the Harpincher from Charity.

Charmed introduced consequences and loss in an unexpected way and opened a can of worms it might not be able to contain at this point. What are your thoughts on the episode and the twist introduced in the form of the devilish handsome Craig Parker? Sound off in the comment section below and share Ur thoughts on the show in the comment section below.

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