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American Housewife - Body Image - Review: "Boob Jobs Need Brain Jobs"

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This week the Ottos face their outward insecurities and try to accept them. Emphasis on try.

Katie comes home to find Taylor obsessing over a bump on her nose. Don't worry, though! Kathryn's there to reassure her, telling her she has a "great nose." "If you're gonna change something, I would go with your lips," she says. Well, that obviously wasn't the direction Katie was hoping for. Points for effort?

Apparently, "it's Westport's plastic surgery season. People get their work done now, so their scars heal before their Christmas pictures!" And more than of a few of the Otto's friends and neighbors are taking part in the annual tradition. The fattest housewife in Westport, Evelyn, has gotten gastric bypass surgery, meaning her former title goes guessed it.. Katie, which Chloe Brown-Mueller is only too happy to rub in her face. Oh, Dr. Ellie's back from medical leave too, with a serious boob job!

Back on the homefront, Katie struggles to reassure everyone and keep them in line. She catches Kathryn and Taylor doing make-up tutorials to give themselves bigger lips. Oliver's freaking out about his flat calves. There's a new male ballerina in his class with huge calves and Gina seems to have the hots for him. Anna-Kat's curious why women get boob jobs. And Greg, he's out of a place to work since Katherine moved his stuff out of the study/"guest bedroom" and he's too nervous to go work at his school office where his creepy assistant Grant is lurking. (I don't blame you, Greg!)

Katie again assures Taylor and Oliver they're fine. She tells Anna-Kat that boob jobs are stupid. She tells Greg to pony up and give Grant a piece of his mind, so he can work in his school office in peace. And with Chloe Brown-Mueller at her throat, she, Angela, and Doris set out to find some incriminating pictures of her pre-plastic surgery, which is easier said then done, as all her high school yearbook pictures have been ripped out or marked through.

Of course, things begin to backfire for Katie, per usual. She and Greg get a call to the school, where they're informed Anna-Kat's started being dismissive of Dr. Ellie. Of course, Anna-Kat casually informs everyone that that's because Katie said people with boob jobs aren't to be trusted.

Katie, Doris, and Angela also realize there might be a way to get to an untouched copy of Chloe's yearbook. Dr. Ellie and Chloe worked on the yearbook staff together, so there's a good chance Dr. Ellie has another copy. When Katie explains her current situation with Dr. Ellie, Angela says the only way Katie's ever going to get to see that yearbook is if she apologizes to her. Doris suggests sneaking into her office...

Unsurprisingly, Katie decides she likes Doris's suggestion better. She breaks into Dr. Ellie's office, gets the yearbook, and throws it out the window to Angela and Doris. Things are going great...until Dr. Ellie walks in. With no choice but to pretend like she's there to apologize, Katie does, first fake-like, but then, sincerely, after Dr. Ellie tells her how uncomfortable she was with herself pre-boob job, and how much better she feels now. (I still had to laugh when she kept accidentally hitting things with her new boobs!)

Greg, meanwhile, unable to work in his school office because of Grant, comes home to find that Katherine has completely moved all of his stuff out of the study. Kathryn tells him he needs to stand up for himself, and then leads him right into his former study, which she's completely redecorated as her bedroom. This finally makes Greg speak up for himself and he tells Kathryn that even though she's welcome to stay there, she can't kick him out of his own office. Kathryn doesn't seem to be bothered by this ("I don't feel that strongly about you either way, Greg.") With his newfound confidence, Greg heads down to the office to talk to Grant. Unfortunately, Crazy Grant doesn't react quite as well as Kathryn did, and slow-motion rips the table-runner (and everything on top of it) off Greg's desk. Hopefully we won't be seeing him again!

Katie, Angela, and Doris summon Chloe to the restaurant, where Doris has ordered a cake with a very awkward looking teenage Chloe's yearbook picture on it! Katie tells Chloe she knows she's had "work done," but Chloe, of course, denies it. Just when Katie's about to rip the box open to reveal the weird Chloe cake, she has a change of heart. (I'm not gonna lie, I would have totally opened that box for the whole world to see!). Angela's proud of her. Doris is disappointed in her lack of evil scheming. (Me too, Doris!)

At home, Katie tells the whole family that although she was wrong to dislike people who fix their imperfections, she wants her own family to be proud of theirs. She then makes them go for a triumphant family walk through town to show off their flaws, except for Kathryn, because she "looks way too good for [her] age!"

Random Thoughts:
-Kathryn's kind of terrible, but in an endearing way!

-Best line goes to Katie, after finding out the fattest housewife in Westport had surgery - "They're definitely gonna get rid of the Chico's at the mall now. I can't keep that place in business on my own."

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