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All American - Lose Yourself - Review

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We finally have a new episode of All American! I know it's only been two weeks, but it felt longer. I just love this show! This week it seems like the team is getting along and the episode begins with everyone celebrating a win. After the game Spencer hangs out with Asher, Leila, and Jordan. Jordan decides that it's time to leave and pays for everyone's meal. Then he learns that Asher's dad is out of town so he decides that they're going to have a party.

Back at home Jordan tells his dad that he's going to be over his spending limit this month. Coach Baker isn't happy, but he understands once he learns Jordan's been paying for Spencer. His dad tells him that he'll take care of it; Spencer is his responsibility. Coach Baker then gives Spencer an allowance. He doesn't want to take it, but Coach insists.

Olivia and Leila spend some time together, and Leila asks Olivia to come to the party at Asher's. She even offers to not drink so Olivia will feel better. She also wants Olivia to bring Spencer with her. She can tell Olivia likes Spencer, but Olivia thinks he likes Leila. Leila reminds her that she's with Asher. I'm glad that Leila and Olvia are trying to be friends again.

Olivia goes to Spencer's house to convince him to come to the party, and I loved how Coop agreed with Spencer about Olivia being skinny. And it was so funny how she helped get Spencer to the party. Coop couldn't remember the last time Spencer had been on a date. Once Olivia and Spencer get to the party Leila comments on how they look good together.

The party gets a little out of control as they play poker. Leila beats Spencer and wins his dare chip so she dares him to go skinny dipping with Olivia. The two of them undress and get into the hot tub. They get closer and act like they're about to kiss when Jordan comes out and breaks up the party. He makes Olivia get out and tells her she doesn't know what she's doing. She's livid, but Jordan explains that he thinks Spencer might be their brother.

Back at the party one of Asher's teammates dares him to take a ride in the Porsche. He reluctantly agrees which turns out to be a bad idea. Once they get back to the house the car rolls into the street and crashes. Asher is really upset, and Spencer can tell something's not right. He tells Asher he's used to spotting desperate people where he comes from. There aren't any photos of his family around the house, he always forgets his wallet, and he let everyone else pay for the party. Asher admits that he rents the guest house from a family so he can keep playing football at Beverly.

Spencer knows someone who can fix the Porsche. The guy tells Spencer and Asher that he can make it look "good enough" right then, and Spencer pays for it using the allowance Coach gave him. Unfortunately someone steals the car while it was getting worked on. Coop thinks Shawn might know what happened to the car. Shawn's able to track it down, and it definitely looks "good enough". But now this means that Shawn did them a favor and that worries me because Shawn doesn't seem like he doesn't anything for free.

Asher thanks Spencer for his help and admits that it's exhausting lying and doesn't know how much longer he can keep it up. Spencer's not going to tell anyone but thinks Asher should confide in Leila. He takes Spencer's advice and tells Leila the truth. Leila is really supportive and says that she's not with Asher because he had money. She loves him, but they need to be honest with each other. I enjoyed Asher and Spencer's story this week. They aren't so different after all, and I like that Spencer wasn't judgmental. He helped Asher when he really needed it, and I can definitely see a friendship forming between these two.

At the end of the episode Olivia calls her dad's bank pretending to be her mom, and she guesses the correct pin. The bank confirms that $650 was been transferred for 197 months- just under 17 years. Why $650? That's a strange amount, and I really want to know what it means. Whatever's going on has to be huge considering Coach Baker lied to Jordan. Whatever the secret is, I hope we find out soon.

Other Thoughts:

- I love Spencer's mom. She reminded Spencer that his greatest strength has always been working hard, and advised him to not be someone he's not just to fit in. He doesn't need anything given to him. She also reminds him that the free stuff always comes with a bigger cost.

- Speaking of free stuff, I knew Shawn wanted something for getting Coop that job. And now that he helped Spencer he thinks Coop owes him even more. I'm really worried where this story is going. I don't want anything to happen to Coop!

What did you think of this week's episode? What do you think Coach Baker is hiding? How did you feel about Asher's story? Are you as worried about Coop as I am? Discuss below in the comments!

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