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Z Nation - Escape from Altura - Review + POLL

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As last week's explosive cliffhanger suggested, the fall out in 'Escape from Altura' was absolutely riotous.

Z Nation has always excelled in its action sequences, we saw a hint of that last episode in that thrilling flashback scene where Warren was saving a young Georgie. This episode was that scene times a million.

The big crux of the episode was of course the death of Sarge. It was inevitable that once Red came back into the picture one of 10K's love interests would be a goner and it seemed like they were going to axe Red, especially considering how ominous she was acting since her reappearance and how underused she had been, so far. But to kill off Sarge and this early was completely unexpected and very, very heartbreaking. Sarge had just begun to feel like part of the team having only been introduced last year and she really fit in well with everyone else.

Not only did 10K lose someone close to him, but he also lost his arm. He at least has Red. Though for how long, considerng Red's overriding guilt. It'll be interesting to see how 10K as a character progresses here on out.

While 10K and Red were trapped in Altura, along with Sun Mei, the rest of the team find themselves outside of the hostile community. Operation Bite Mark can't stay together for very long, can they?

Murphy did not have much to work with in this episode. After escaping from Altura, Murphy finds himself in the company of some old friends. Hopefully, he doesn't go back to his old ways, as new Murphy has been a breath of fresh a
Meanwhile, Warren, Citizen Z, Georgie, and Doc go on the hunt for Lt. Dante who may be helping Talkers seek refuge from the anti-talker humans. This storyline has kept things fresh in Z Nation, adding some social commentary about humanity and our propensity to hate “the other.”

Overall, ‘Escape from Altura’ was a tense, heartbreaking episode that took the show in a very refreshing direction Sarge’s death is not very welcome, but in the long run it will help add some depth to 10K’s character.


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