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You - Living With the Enemy - Advance Preview: Osma of Oz

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Quick recap of last week’s episode of You: We found out Beck has been lying about the status of her father. He is, in fact, very much alive. However they are estranged and most of their relationship consists of him sending her money to stay afloat. Her father is the mysterious Captain she’s been texting. Beck meets up with her father and his new family at a Dickens Festival.

Joe, of course, follows her and gets caught by Beck. He winds up at an awkward family dinner with Beck that culminates in a dramatic confrontation between her, her father, and her step-family. In the meantime, Peach does some sleuthing for her missing copy of Osma of Oz, although Joe is able to return it before she can conclude, without a doubt, it was him that took it.

Well it doesn’t look like Joe’s Peach problem is going away anytime soon. Guess who’s the focus of this week’s episode? Rhymes with Beach. No, she doesn’t get any narration duties but she is the focal point of all the conflict and drama.

Joe is living it up in his happy place with Beck as their relationship has finally taken off. They’re having sex, eating breakfast together, having more sex, pretentiously quoting book passages to one another, and sex!

It looks like things are finally swinging in Joe’s direction, at least, apart from Peach’s increasing involvement in their relationship. She proves that she is not just an idle threat and if Joe wants to move forward, not backwards, with Beck, he will need to contend with the obstacle that is Peach.

There is also a side plot involving Paco, who is mostly a useless character if you ask me. Don’t get me wrong, the kid is cute but his purpose is clearly to assist in humanizing Joe. The book version of Joe is more cruel and disturbing in my opinion, and I assume the showrunners decided that to make a television show work, they wanted to try and make Joe more likable.

But thus far, Paco is a transparent plot device. Unless they find a way to weave his story into the main thread of the show, it doesn’t seem like he will serve much of a purpose in the long run.

This is the halfway point of season one of You and I, for one, have been enjoying this show maybe more than I should. It’s the definition of addicting, thrilling, soapy goodness and this episode is no different.

Some intense developments happen in episode five that will shape the second half of the season so don’t forget to tune in!


“You’re friends bring out the worst in me.”

“Bitches being our most authentic selves.”

“I’m running, I’m a runner now.”

“But what am I supposed to do? Root for your failure? That’s not love. That’s not me.”

“I guess the book business isn’t always so pale and flaccid.”

“Beck rarely knows what’s best for her.”

“The last thing I would have expected you to be is unsupportive.”

“Beck, you’ve got a stalker.”

“The universe has a funny way of keeping us humble.”


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