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Will and Grace - Who's Sorry Now - Review

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Will and Grace discover old letters written to each other from their college days, and decide to read them together. But reminiscing about the past turns ugly when a major bombshell is revealed in one of the letters. Meanwhile, when Karen announces she'll never fall in love again, Jack channels Rosario - or does he? - to convince her it's never too late to find love.

No matter how much you've grown up, Will & Grace will always be the same. Just a little bit mature and sarcastic and modern. Season 10 has started with a melancholic tone: Will and Grace are finding love again, Karen is divorcing, and Jack... well, he's always looking for another man to sleep with. Episode 4 of season 10 is truly nostalgic.

While Will and Grace find a box of memories with all the letters they used to write to  each other, Karen is upset because of her divorce, and she thinks she's not going to fall in love again. Jack wants to prove himself he's a real psychic - to quote Patrick Jane from The Mentalist, does he know there's no such things as psychics? But the episode wants you to believe in magic, and avoid being realistic.
When Jack finds Rosario's red coat, he puts in, and suddenly starts to talk like the former maid. Sean Hayes and Megan Mullally give one of their best performance and prove, one again, they're not supporting characters anymore.

Meanwhile, Will and Grace solve their complex dynamic. He was the one always ready to apologize to her, while she was there to listen, or at least pretend to, while thinking about herself. Eric McCormack and Debra Messing played a very emotional scene and they really got me. "The fact that you are a gay man didn't ruin my life- It made way much better." This was a sweet line.

The atmosphere was kinda beautiful through the whole episode. I both laughed and cried. I really hope we could see more of Will, Grace, Jack and Karen in the future.

Now it's your turn: are you enjoying this season? Share your comments below.

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