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Van Helsing - Super Unknown - Review + POLL

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'Super Unknown' continued to build on Van Helsing's intriguing mythology.

Armed with the knowledge that defeating the Ancient Ones and their Totems are key to stopping the Dark One from rising, Vanessa, Axel, and Scarlett journey to find the first totem that the first Elder, now in their company, once held before losing it.

This is sort of like the first test for the team. They come across a new breed of vampires that emit through their eyes some kind of light from within and a high frequency shriek that brings humans to their knees.

Apparently they are all subservient to this one vampire deep in the crypt who we see easily dispatch a Van Helsing a century ago.

I wish they had some explanation of why the heck these vampires are like this, but hey, a variety of cool vamps make for fun television, why not just roll with it.

The events of 'Super Unknown' was a chance for the team to prove their mettle. Axel easily dispatched the creepy guy who was trying to Frankenstein him, but things were not as easy for Vanessa who could not defeat the same vamp that killed her ancestor.

I like how clear of a point the show has made of the hierarchy of power. The Elder easily killed the big bad, as he should considering his sheer power, but Vanessa can't always depend on him. As the Elder said, Vanessa needs to get stronger.

The episode leaves us at a very interesting point with Vanessa in some sort of Elder-hallucinated flashback vision to explore the Elder she will confront next.


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