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Titans - Hawk and Dove - Advanced Preview

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Titans - Hawk and Dove - Advanced Preview

Titans is keeping the world building ball going by immediately introducing more DC vigilante characters in the form of Hawk and Dove. Appearing in various forms since the 60's the duo compliment each others philosophies and combat styles in their quest for peace and justice. Here on DC Universe's Titans we are getting the more recent brutish Hank Hall and stylish Dawn Granger versions of the classic characters.

Right away DC is getting its point across off saying that, again, "this is not your kids Teen Titans" by having the torture of Hawk happen at the very beginning of the episode. He spits blood out of his busted up face and drops F Bombs at his assailants. Things get even darker when the torturer pulls out the garden shears. Yikes. Dove makes an impressive appearance and pulls some fat out of the fire.

A nice flashback sequence shows off some impressive fight choreography with Robin and Hawk and Dove kicking some butt together. They have a nice chemistry together.

Rachel and Dick spend some more time together. They trade stories and bond on the road. The Porsche gets some miles on it. Dick does some older brother baby sitting. For future reference Rachel and Dick don't like pineapples on their pizza.

Rachel struggles to maintain control. Raven wants out.

Well say hello to The Nuclear Family. First appeared in the 80's, this family of killers has been reworked and upon tracking down our Titans.

Dick and Rachel show up at Hawk and Dove's place and Rachel gets a nice flashback psychic vibe off of Dove when they touch. Dick and Dawn talk and there's obviously history there. Hank shows up and does not like seeing Dawn with their old partner.

Raven reveals her power to Dick and Hank and Dawn. Dick's gonna have to pay for a cleaning crew for sure.

Oooo Hawk and Dove get themselves into some trouble. I don't think those fancy comic accurate costumes are bullet proof. Good thing they know someone who's been trained by the Dark Knight. So much for Robin trying to lighten up.

This next episode is good one folks. More great world building and more great action. Tons of costume adventure and some nice development between Dick and Rachel. Love seeing DC Universe bringing others in to play with our Titans. I think it's a great idea and from what I've seen there's even more on the horizon.

Dialogue Teases

You're late Boy Wonder.

I thought your boss said to stay away from us.
I didn't tell him.

Who could that be this early on a Saturday? DING DONG, DING DONG
Hold your fucking horses! Honey!
Sorry Kids.

What about Bruce?
He's no good with kids.

There you are dear.

Titans is available on DC Universe

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