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This Is Us - Toby - Review: Dark Skies Ahead + Poll

"Where do I belong?"

This time we get to see a bit of what Toby's childhood was like, with his parents constantly fighting and his mom suffering from depression as well, which is the reason why he tries to save everything with humor. In the present it's clear he's getting depressed but trying to be strong for Kate while they're following their embryos' journey until they get the one, one chance to get pregnant. Now I'm not sure where this is going, what we saw of the future doesn't make me think they were successful and chances would definitely be against them, but wouldn't it be too much to see Kate lose a baby again? Anyway, I guess we'll find out soon enough. For now, we learn she's pregnant and Toby seems relieved not to have to hold it together anymore but he completely breaks down, and now it's Kate's turn to look after him.

Beth is job-hunting and Randall is starting his campaign to which she apparently gave the go ahead and can pull the plug at any time, it's lovely how they both support each other in their different endeavors and it reminds us just how good these two are together. Randall's speech doesn't go as well as he hoped and neither does Beth's job interview since she gets emotional about her firing. Randall doesn't understand why people are not willing to make a change and the owner of the restaurant explains why they are loyal to councilman Brown and he says Randall should go back where he belongs, which remains him exactly what he's been struggling with his whole life.

We see a little more of the aftermath of Jack's death, we see Jack asking Miguel to take care of his family in case he dies and that he does, he gets Rebecca a piano, tries to fix stuff up around the house and even tries to be the one to talk to the kids about the important things, though f course there's some resistance there since none of them really want anyone to replace their dad. We also see Kate struggling with her music, something she puts aside when life gets hard, and her mom tells her she will be ready eventually because music is what she's supposed to do. Also, how awesome was that Adelegram?

Kevin and Zoe are taking a little road trip to go see Don Robinson and he keeps trying to be official with her but she's reluctant, she's wary about him being oblivious about the difference their different skin colors make but eventually she decides he might be worth the trouble of explaining things to him. When they get there they share a meal and some fun stories with the Robinsons and then Don tells Kevin the truth, that his dad was not a mechanic, he was a Sargent and he saved his life. We learn the fate of some of the guys and Don tells Kevin he's sorry he doesn't have all the answers he's looking for but maybe it's for the best since they might be too dark to handle. Later, he changes his mind and gives Kevin some letter Jack sent him and I have to say I'm dreading to find out what happened after Jack and Nick reunited, there can be nothing but heartbreak there.

"Sometimes the answers are so dark you're better off not having them."

What did you think of the episode? I look forward to your comments and I leave you with the poll.

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