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This Is Us - Katie Girls - Review: A House That Feels Nothing Like The One I Grew Up In + Poll

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"Nothing ever works out for us."

Hey, guys, sorry for the delay, I will be reviewing episode three right now and the review for the fourth one will be coming later today. In this episode we get to see what happened right after Jack sees Rebecca with Alan, he comes home to see his father mistreat his mother and he finally decides to do something about it, in spite of the low blow his father throws saying he wasn't any help to his little brother at war, Jack stays cool and tells his mother he'll help her settle somewhere new or she can stay and he'll kill his father.

We also get to see Rebecca's upbringing, how she struggled with gender norms, and here's where Alan, the gentleman we saw stopping her and Jack's second date, comes in. Three years before he asked her to follow him to London and she said no, and he decided to come back for her, he even had it all figured out for both of them in New York, even though Rebecca wanted to go to LA, which we immediately knew might be a problem for her.

At first she says yes and decides to go the store champagne to celebrate but she finds Jack and his mom there and she doesn't seem to want their conversation to end, she tells him she's going to pursue her dream and asks about his dreams, which throws him off since he's never been asked that before, he says he just wants a good life, a family, and a house that feels nothing like the one he grew up in. Ans the episode ends with them doing the dishes together, Rebecca's face clearly filled with wonder at imagining what a life together could look like and they deciding to go to LA together.

At Kevin's premiere Randall decided to tell Kate he was offended by her comment about Jack's inheritance and she tells him he can't know what it was like for her to lose a baby and that he too had biological children before deciding to adopt, and truly you can understand both sides of the argument. Beth though lets him know he overstepped and tries to get him to apologize which brings up some hilarious analysis Miguel has of the Pearson family. It seems Randall has issues apologizing to his siblings, perhaps because he sees it as a sign of weakness, so she convinces him to call Kate but he can't just yet and decides to go over there when he realizes she's freaking out about the family treating her like she's gonna die in surgery.

Before Kate goes in Toby hilariously vows to get himself a committed semi-happy relationship with someone less cool than her. After that, Randall arrives and he's able to be there for Toby who's also kinda freaking out. While they're waiting they bond over their self-perceived roles as men and how they keep everything inside which is something I'd love for them to open up more about in the future.

Kevin's movie seems like a success so far, though he can't seem to quite believe it yet, he invites Zoe to his interview with Terry Gross who brings up a lot of stuff Kevin had never really thought about, he realized he knew nothing about his dad's time in Vietnam and this definitely seems to trigger something in him. So now he and Zoe will try to learn as much as possible from Jack's past, which is something that will clearly be as interesting as it will be heartbreaking.

While she's under, Kate hallucinates talking to herself as a teenager and a little kid, and not only that but Jack decides to stop by as well. She's nostalgic of her relationship with him as a little girl but she also sees how dark it was in her teenage years, that negativity is strong but she decides it won't be like that anymore, she has to wake up from the anesthesia and go be a mom, luckily it seems the operation was a success.

Beth gets some awful news this episode, she gets fired and she struggles with putting herself first, we get to see William again on a flashback where he told her that she's the bass, always in the background but absolutely necessary and that one day she'd have to let herself be a soloist, but she clearly finds it hard still and it only gets trickier when Randall announces he wants to run against councilman Brown to do something about the things he wants to change since Sky getting mugged was a wake up call.

"I've never seen anyone like you before, and I never will again."

What did you think of the episode? I look forward to your comments and I leave you with the poll.

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