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The Purge - Lovely Dark and Deep - Advance Preview

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Last week on The Purge: Lila came between Rick and Jenna yet again as they got into a heated argument about her while back at home, only to have her come knocking on their door in a terrifying cliffhanger. Miguel and Penelope are finally reunited and manage to escape the carnival. Jane gets stuck in a disturbing “art show” put on by her lecherous boss, David.

After the cliffhanger we left off with last week, I’m sure the big reason people are reading this preview is to see if Lila survives and if Rick and Jenna decide to let her in. Unfortunately, I can’t answer that so you’ll have to hold on just a little bit longer to discover Lila’s fate.

I can, however, tease a little bit about a surprising and weirdly hilarious neighborly feud that occurs in this week’s episode.

I mean you’d think the purge wouldn’t be the best time to confront someone about petty grievances but then again - some people think trampled flower beds and petty disputes are worth killing over.

Checking in on Jane, again not much I can reveal. I still hate this storyline. Honestly, I don’t know what the writers were thinking for so many different reasons.

If I were reviewing the show I’d write several paragraphs on why it’s so unnecessary but alas, I can’t spoil it. Things always get worse before they get better though, don’t they?

Miguel and Penelope are on the run. They better find cover and find it quick because there are only a few hours left of purge night and people are going to be more voracious than ever as they wind down the evening in the grisliest ways possible.

Also, we get some flashbacks to Jane’s early life this week! We’ll learn more about her mother, who is currently in the hospital and who we haven’t seen - or heard from - in several episodes actually.

Three episodes to go, I can foresee at least one big confrontation coming up shortly. One that’s been brewing since the beginning.

Curious about whether or not any other characters will cross paths in a significant way before the season wraps. Right now, it doesn’t seem that likely but you never know.


“Look I don’t make the rules I just play by them.”

“I played the game and got the corner office.”

“I did what I had to do. You didn’t give me a choice.”

“You need this job baby, we both do.”

“You can stay right here as long as you need to.”

“I told you not to park in front of my house.”


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