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The Purge - Giving Time is Here - Advance Preview

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Last week the masked man rescued Jane and she got her revenge on David (finally). Rick, Jenna, and Lila faced a disgruntled neighbor apparently pissed about them… parking in front of his house sometimes? The three of them are able to kill him and we last see them sitting together on a couch. Awkward silence ensues. Miguel and Penelope were finally reunited and then left stranded as they attempt to seek sanctuary for the rest of the night after escaping from the Carnival.

Well we’re barreling along into the final stretch of the season and tonight’s episode has no shortages of shocks and surprises.

Jenna, Rick, and Lila are in an uncomfortable reunion continued on from last week. All three of them are trapped in the same house together dealing with the aftermath of murdering Rick and Jenna’s neighbor. The air is thick with tension. It’s only a matter of time before it boils over, for better or for worse.

On the plus side, we get some Lila flashbacks this week finally! Time to learn a little bit about her for a change. She also must grapple with rejection.

With Miguel and Penelope back together again, maybe things are beginning to look up for them? It’s Purge night though, so is anyone really safe? They head for safety at the Cantina so we'll see how that pans out.

Things are definitely coming to a head this week. The ending genuinely surprised me. I actually did not see it coming and I’m looking forward to seeing how they’re going to wrap this up in the final two episodes.

That said, while the latter twenty minutes of this episode give us a few confrontations we’ve been waiting for, an interesting villain reveal, and even some bloodshed, the first half of the episode drags. I wonder if this show would have benefitted from being a couple episodes shorter as I have felt like there has been excess filler content.

Either way, this episode succeeded in ways some of the others haven’t in truly making me eager and nervous to see the next one.


"Glad to see you got this guy back here in one piece.”

“This night has been a long one.”

“A random purger sliced his head clean off. Said he just wanted to watch it roll.”

“Must feel nice to believe in something.”

“I wanna repair something I had a hand in breaking, please let me do that.”

“As soon as I’d done it, truly, I knew it was right.”

“You get one warning, because I’m in a good mood. Don’t bother my friends.”

“I can’t let my friends die for nothing.”

“So what’ll take to make you go away.”

“Self-interest has clouded your judgment and made you weak.”


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