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The Last Ship - Warriors - Advance Preview - "More of That Sweet Tea"

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We're halfway to the end. It only ramps up from here. Peter Weller returns to direct "Warriors", which shows the new normal after the big setbacks in "Tropic of Cancer." Let's tease this very memorable outing.

The episode does not pick up immediately after the last episode, and it might take a moment to get reoriented. We spend little time on the Nathan James herself, as the main events of the episode are a ground mission the characters are in the thick of. This is interspersed with recent flashbacks that provide snapshots of what life is like at home. The disconnect between civilian and military life forms a rather moving contrast.

One scene back home is particularly funny and sad. A couple others are very emotional.

There's a K-I-S-S.

Chandler struggles in more than one way.

Just when I was starting to think we weren't seeing enough Miller and Burk, they both have larger, meaningful roles in this episode.

At times, this episode feels like a bottle episode. It focuses more on characters than the war, although a significant piece of information is uncovered.

Also, the style and editing of the episode creates an almost claustrophobic sensation.

Wolf's condition is addressed.

Catch the episode tomorrow, October 7th on TNT! Bring oxygen. 

And now for some dialogue teases:

"We've got peaches, tomatoes, beans..."

"When have you not been a stranger?"

"Losing friends is what makes war war."

"This isn't going to feel good."

"He's a survivor."

"You weren't there; you couldn't understand."

"You've only seen him twice."

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