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The Good Place - Jeremy Bearimy - Advance Preview: "What Is The Good Place?"

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Is the jig up for Michael and Janet? It very well may be on this week's The Good Place as Team Cockroach walked in on them about to enter the interdimensional door to the Judge. And just how are they going to explain their way out of this one? Well by admitting that the gang is in grave danger of course...from ghouls.

No matter what excuses they believe, the gang all choose to continue their ethical developments, with Tahani choosing to give away her fortunes along with the help of Jason, Eleanor choosing to spend her time in a local bar and Chidi just goes about his life, business as usual. Elsewhere, Michael attempts to write a manifesto on everything he has done since the creation of the neighbourhood in order to highlight where he went wrong and how the next architect might be able to improve.

The Good Place airs tomorrow night at 8.30 on NBC. Do you think Michael will actually tell the truth about The Good Place? Can Team Cockroach ever be good? Let me know in the comments.

And until you watch the episode, here are a few of some of the funny lines in 'Jeremy Bearimy':
- "They're mostly goo and juice. You just take the juice out and then they're dead."
- "I will literally see all of you in hell." "Not if I see you first."
- "I was just trying to sell you some drugs and you made it weird."

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