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The Conners - Tangled up in Blue - I've Missed You, Welcome Home - Advance Preview

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The Conners - Tangled up in Blue - I've Missed You, Welcome Home - Advance Preview

Episode 1.02 - Tangled up in Blue
On ABC Network
- Tuesday, October 23, 2018 at 8:00 pm Eastern / 7:00 pm Central

The official synopsis of this episode is:
Darlene is in for one surprise after another when David introduces his girlfriend, Blue (Juliette Lewis), at a parent-teacher conference and mentions that Mark and Harris will be spending the weekend with them. Dan hires Becky to help out at work, but they both come to learn that she might need more help than she can offer. Also guest starring is Justin Long.

This episode reminds me of why I loved the original Roseanne Series including last year's season. It is a combination of funny ie the snarkiness of Darlene meets the drama and real-life issues that face Becky and Dan. And it's why I keep coming back every week to experience The Conner family in all its craziness.

So I should mention up front, even though I write for SpoilerTV, I'm not a huge fan of giving away spoilers for episodes that haven't aired yet. So, that being said, here is my preview and what I can't say in words, hopefully the pictures tell you all you need to know.

My preview of Tangled up in Blue...

This episode starts off funny and keeps it up. Darlene and David and their interaction are always so interesting to watch. Plus, you have Becky and Dan trying to navigate boss and employee dynamics. I really enjoyed this episode so much. You will laugh, cry and think all in 30 minutes. Hopefully like me, it will make you come back for more. I'm so glad this show came back. Things from the last season of Roseanne comes back this season. And there are some really great scenes dealing with Darlene, David, Becky, and Dan. I'm so glad these characters and actors are back on TV. What I loved about Roseanne still lives in The Conners.

There are some great one-liners that just make you laugh, and there are some nostalgia one-liners that go ah, I remember that. And then there are some great intense moments too. Even DJ has a funny moment or two. Oh, and his wife on the show is a great addition.

"He was working overseas, not for money. But he's a good dad...not a great dad..."

"I've only met Mark twice, but I've known him forever."

"My smartwatch is telling me to get up and move..."

"I'm saving for a down payment on a mobile home..."

"And you're a catch. You're an educated, diabetes-free woman in Lanford. There's only two of us..."

I enjoyed this episode a lot, I hope you do too.
I hope these pictures tell you a lot more than I can say. Let me know what you think of this episode. And don't forget to watch. I know I'll be watching Tuesday.

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