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The Big Bang Theory - The Procreation Calculation - Review

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After deciding that he wants his father to arrange a marriage for him, Raj finally meets his future wife Anu for the first time. She is everything Raj is not: arrogant, intimidating, rather rude, rational and ruthless when it comes to her professional life. Raj, however, has made up his mind. He wants to go through with the wedding. Howard thinks he is making a huge mistake while Sheldon “applauds his decision to forgo emotional attachment and find a life partner by bowing to a 3,000-year-old authoritarian tradition”. It’s rather amusing to hear Sheldon say that after Mr. Rational himself just got married to a woman he actually is in love with. We are not buying it, Sheldon!

When Raj and Anu meet for the second time to talk about the wedding, Raj realizes that he simply cannot do it. Anu wants to discuss finances and taxes while he wants to talk about wedding themes and flower arrangements. He admits that he is a hopeless romantic and that this is not the story he wants to tell his grandkids when they ask him how he and grandma fell in love.

In the two times they actually met in person Anu has realized that Raj is a great guy and would make a good father. She decides he is worth fighting for. She sinks down on one knee and asks him to marry her. Raj is stunned. This he had not expected. In the spur of the moment, without really thinking about it, he says “Yes”. I really hope that Anu actually likes him and did not use his kindheartedness just so she could go through with her plan of getting married as soon as possible.

Penny and Leonard once again face a hurdle in their relationship. Don’t they in pretty much every episode? Raj points out that they might be married but actually, they do not really know each other. Turns out their friend is not entirely wrong with his accusation when Leonard mentions that he definitely wants to have children while Penny does not have any plans to become a mom at all. Leonard is disappointed, shocked even and storms out. Bernadette judges Penny harshly for her decision not to have children. This scene is an excellent reminder of just how many prejudices women face when they choose not to become mothers. Their choice is met by a complete and total lack of understanding and plain condemnation. I was rather surprised that even Amy was so indignant about Penny not having children.

Amy (storms into the apartment): you are not having kids?! How could you do this to me?!?
Penny: How is it any of your business?
Amy (shouts): Cause your kids were supposed to be friends with my kids! Who is gonna be friends with them now?!?!?!

Amy, though, is less upset about the fact that Penny does not want to have children. She is mainly worried about her future kids not finding any friends. She believes that the combination of her and Sheldon’s DNA will probably not create an outgoing, popular human. However, considering Howard's children and the future kids I am sure Raj is going to have, it is rather unnecessary for her to worry. Her children are certainly going to have friends, whether Penny and Leonard ever have a child or not.

Leonard calms down pretty quickly and tells Penny that there are many things in life that he wants and that he is never ever going to get: a Nobel Prize, a working Batmobile. Some things, though, he never thought he would get but he actually ended up getting them after all. Her for example. He never thought he would be with her, be married to her, but he is and that is more than enough for him. Penny is touched by his words and decides to surprise him by renting him the Batmobile. A little gesture with a lot of meaning.

What was your favorite moment of the episode? Do you think the topic of children will come up again for Leonard and Penny? What do you think of Raj's wife-to-be? Let us know in the comments!

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