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The Big Bang Theory - The Imitation Perturbation - Review

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It’s the very last Halloween we get to spend with our nerdy friends…and Penny. The gang decides to throw a Halloween party which turns out to be a rather tense affair. Since Howard dressed up as Sheldon at work to make fun of him, Sheldon and Amy decide to hit back and dress up as Howard and Bernadette for the party. Prior to that, Amy talked to Bernadette to convince Howard to apologize to Sheldon for hurting his feelings. Bernadette, however, did not see a single reason why Howard would need to apologize. After all, Sheldon makes fun of him all the time. “Sheldon shouldn't dish it out if he can't take it.”

At the party, though, it is Bernadette who is upset and wants an apology. She is livid that Sheldon and Amy dared to dress up as her and Howard. It hurts her that they are making fun of her height and voice. Aren’t we a little hypocritical, Bernie? Because Howard is rather scared of his angry wife he begs Sheldon and Amy to apologize to her. They refuse. After the party, Sheldon ends up going to see Bernadette anyways. They realize that they actually have quite a lot in common. They both were bullied when they were younger. This realization calms the waters between them.

Unsurprisingly, Penny and Leonard, have their very own drama going on during the party. According to Leonard’s memory, the very first time he and Penny kissed was at one of the Halloween parties she used to throw in her old apartment. All Penny remembers of that night is puking into a pumpkin. She is convinced that their first kiss happened at Leonard’s birthday party. After arguing for a while it is Penny who admits that Leonard is right. Their first kiss indeed happened on Halloween. She explains that she tried to forget all about it because it was not at all how it was supposed to happen. She wanted their first kiss to have meaning, to be special. That night she was drunk and still seeing another guy. The kiss was meaningless and she hates that. Leonard is touched and agrees to forget all about that Halloween debacle. He declares their kiss at his birthday party their official first kiss.

Even though, this episode barely includes Raj, I would still like to give him a shout-out solely because of his brilliant costume choice. While pretty much every one of the gang had creative costume ideas (Leonard was Inspector Gadget, Bernadette dressed as Mary Poppins), it was Raj who wins the Halloween costume contest. He dressed as an American Hero: Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg. He and Anu decided to go for a couple’s costume so obviously, she dressed up as the Constitution. What a pair they are!

How did you all like this episode? Which costume did you love the most?

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