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Superstore - Baby Shower/Toxic Work Environment - Double Review

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Baby Shower
After opening with Dina begrudgingly part of a pregnancy photo shoot, we find Jonah stumbling upon Amy being very aggressive with a high chair that's been returned. She tells Jonah she doesn't have the money to purchase baby things so she's trying to get creative and still isn't fully turned away from the returned high chair after a black light reveals what she deduces is either urine or semen. Jonah then comes up with the idea register Amy for a baby shower today, so she can get everything on her registry 20% off the next day. It's actually a pretty decent plan (to Amy's surprise) since she doesn't want a real baby shower with all the people and the games, but, of course, things quickly spiral out of control. Cheyenne and Sandra discover Amy's baby shower while preparing baby shower gift boxes and confront her about their lack of invitations by having Sandra drop the gift box right in front of her. They quickly shout to everyone that nobody was invited to Amy's baby shower, which particularly hurts Sayeed, who has only known her for two days. Jonah then convinces Amy to just have a quick baby shower after work so everyone can give her gifts, which Amy decides she must do as a favor to everyone at the store. Once again, things aren't so simple as everyone talks about gifts that aren't on the registry and Glenn traps Jonah into agreeing to let him and Jerusha piggy back on Amy's, which Cheyenne also joins in on since they never through one when she was pregnant. Jerusha's pregnant friend Dianne also hops in and the party becomes literally everything Amy doesn't want. She even gets a lap dance from a stripper Bo purchased for Cheyenne, which he makes sure to mention Amy needs to Venmo him half of. After suffering through everything, most of Amy's gifts are thoughtful/useless handmade things, until she receives Glenn's gift: a car seat. She's thrilled and smiles at Jonah while hugging Glenn, prompting Garrett to ask how long they've been dating. He initially says he could tell because Jonah seems truly happy for the first time in a while, but he quickly brushes over the sentiment and says he saw them making out in the parking lot last week. He's fantastic.

Toxic Work Environment
There was a lot happening this week. As Jonah and Amy argue about who should get out of the car and walk in first, Dina walks up to apologize to Amy for the nude she sent, which was said so casually that it took me a second to realize what just happened. They explain that they're carpooling, which is information that quickly spreads and causes Cheyenne to ask why they would carpool when they live on opposite sides of the store. Garrett, of course, plays into this until Amy distracts Cheyenne by saying she should plan everyone's carpool routes since she's so good at logistics. Cheyenne is excited about this new task and spends her entire day setting up plans and having them be deconstructed by anyone she shows her plans to. At the end of the day, it turns out that nobody actually wants to carpool and she storms out of the break room in a fit, knocking down her chart as she goes.

Meanwhile, Jonah and Amy spend the day faking being mad at each other to throw off suspicion, Carol has been fighting Sandra to get Jerry back after learning they're moving in together, and Mateo shows animosity towards Kelly after Glenn gave her a golden vest to make her feel appreciated and not transfer stores. Glenn decides they need to have meeting about toxic work environments to fix things, and we all know how meetings go here. Suspecting Kelly wants to transfer due to her past with Jonah, he has them stand up in front of everyone and role play as each other. It's a good idea that starts strong, but quickly devolves into the entire room attempting to do their impressions of Kelly, and somehow ends with Cheyenne doing an impression of Fran Drescher working at Cloud 9. Even Glenn isn't too sure what's going on anymore. Carol then tries to use the role play technique to insult Sandra and Sandra fires back, but Sandra's words slowly turn into a heartfelt examination of what Carol is feeling. The moment doesn't last long, though, as Carol yells that she wants Jerry back and the entire room begins to debate who Jerry should be with. Jonah recommends that everyone should let Jerry decide, but it's ultimately decided by a coin flip that Sandra loses. While she gives Jerry the bad news and chastises herself for not thinking of best two out of three, Jonah checks in with Kelly to see if she's ok and they get the pleasant closure they both kind of needed. Jonah then helps by going to Glenn and suggesting that the toxic environment may just exist because of Kelly (which Mateo is quick to agree with, stating that she kicked a child) and Glenn quickly decides to sign the paperwork to get her out of the store. In the end, everything works out as Kelly gets her wish to leave. Although, Jerry and Sandra have been unfairly broken up, Cheyenne wasted an entire day, and Amy and Jonah are now semi real fighting for the night until Amy can turn it off. But Kelly is happy!

I watched both of these episodes twice and laughed harder the second time for both episodes. I picked up a few more of the jokes and it really made me realize just how much I love this show. I love that, so far, Jonah and Amy are the same as they were before donning the official title of couple. There are so many shows that get their couples together and instantly make things more romantic/sentimental or immediately throw something hard at the couple to get them to fight. I'm sure we'll have drama in the future, or possibly even a breakup (knock on wood!), but it's a nice ride right now that is hopefully kept up for a while. These episodes have proven that the show is still just as great, if not better, without the will they/won't they going. The magic has really been the effortless chemistry between Jonah and Amy while the rest of the ensemble cause havoc around them, and there's no need to change that. It's also nice to know that Dina has completely gotten over Jonah, because I wasn't terribly interested in that, and she's had a ton of great moments ever since that became less apparent. I know it happened a while ago, but her bringing it up by saying she used to masturbate to him multiple times a day just reminded me how much fun she's been since that stopped. One of my favorite things in these two episodes was Dina's photo shoot with Mateo. Watching her get into all those different outfits was hilarious and seeing Garret's face at her kneeling shirtless with flowers and a veil was priceless. Sandra literally leaving her hanging later was a good time as well. So far this has been an excellent fourth season.

Shopper of the Week

Week 1: This distinct honor must go to Car Seat Lady. Though Pharmacy Raiders put up a good fight, Car Seat easily made a case for herself. After Amy warned the lady of the safety hazards of the car seat, including inside-out babies that may or may not be dead, she opts not to return the car seat since it's just a gift for her "stupid neighbor". We thank you, Car Seat Lady, for being so careless with the safety of your neighbor's baby.

Week 2: This week was tough. There were strong contenders, but Guy Who Knows Gail caught me so off guard and gave me what may have been my biggest laugh of the episode. Clothes Mom piling her kid up with clothes was a hoot, and Jerry dealing with Carol and sniffing candles was fun to watch, but they couldn't compete. After listening to Jonah and Kelly talk about impressions, Guy Who Knows Gail announces to Jonah that he's amazing at impressions. He wants to prove this and asks if Jonah knows Gail (which he doesn't, because what are the odds), and says it's a shame Jonah doesn't know her because he does a great Gail. What a guy!

What was your favorite part of these episodes? Do you think Jerry will ever get a say in his relationship? Do you think they'll torture us and ruin Jonah and Amy? Sound off in the comments below!

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