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Single Parents - Politician, Freemason, Scientist, Humorist and Diplomat, Ben Franklin - Review: Happy Halloween!

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Happy Halloween! Holiday episodes of television are the best aren’t they? Especially on sitcoms where they’re pretty much always guaranteed to be extra funny and make you feel warm inside.

Will is a Halloween enthusiast and has planned a big party for all of the parents and their children in the neighborhood. He’s dressed up as Benjamin Franklin with Sophie set to play the role of his kite in a matching costume set. Will has his spooky spirit dialed up to eleven, and therefore, when Sophie asks that he cool it down to a five so she can impress her new friend, he is severely disappointed.

Apparently Sophie has befriended an older second grader and this sends Will into a bit of a spiral. She’s growing up so fast! He’s scared of buying her a training bra and scrunchies! Even worse when he finds out that her friend “Carol” is actually a boy. Even worse than that, he’s a snobby, extra precocious young boy who thinks he’s too cool for Halloween and prefers tangy French cheeses to fun-size candy bars.

Eventually, that darn Carol decides Sophie is too much of a baby for him and leaves the party. Will and Sophie have an extra sweet moment where he tells her how crazy someone would have to be not to like her! Plus now they can crank the party backup and team up together to give Carol a scare he’ll never forget. Cue the literal evil laughter from the duo.

Of course, they can’t scare Carol on their own. They recruit their team, consisting of Emma and Amy (who may or may not have giant squirt guns loaded with real blood), Rory (dressed as Edward from Pretty Woman because why not), Angie, and Graham.

Donning his black widow costume, that Angie went through painstaking lengths to get, Graham serves as the centerpiece of this prank. He’s hoisted up on some pulley mechanism and dangled down in the window where Carol sits eating his cheeses. BOO!

The party gets broken up by Carol’s mom who points out Will and Angie are two grown adults trying to terrify an 8-year-old boy and their answer to that is well, RUN. Plus, Carol kind of had it coming let’s be honest.

Angie had her own struggles this week as she tried to maintain the precarious balance of work and home life. No one at her job knows she has a son because she doesn’t want to get labeled “the single mom”. But she finally has to come clean with her boss when she needs to leave early to be there for Graham and has forgotten his costume at the office, after sewing it under her desk all day, and luckily, she doesn’t get fired.

Whilst trick-or-treating, Douglas, who gets conned into donning the Alvin costume to play along with his daughters group “Alvin and the chipmunks” idea, runs into the woman of his dreams. A woman nicknamed “Big Red” who Douglas has been dreaming about since he had the briefest run-in with her outside an Italian restaurant.

Except, she’s not that great of a person, she openly admits. Seeing as she saw Douglas in his chipmunk costume while trick-or-treating with his daughters and can’t see past the plastic nose enough to want to get to know him better as a person. Poppy gets a great moment to defend Douglas, and maybe I’m starting to enjoy their relationship more and more each week! If Big Red can’t appreciate the fact Douglas was willing to dress up in a silly costume to make his girls happy then she doesn’t deserve him anyways.

Miggy’s storyline sort of gets shunted to the side this week. He’s been instructed to take the perfect picture of Jack in his Halloween costume to send to his baby mama, Zara but he waited until the last minute to buy one. The only thing he could scrounge up was an orphan Annie wig and half of a dog costume. No one is willing to let him borrow their baby’s costume so Miggy winds up stuck but we never see the conclusion of this story, just a moment where he runs out at the end and says Zara loved the picture. So I’m assuming he just snapped a pic of Jack in his curly red wig and called it a day.


- I love that Poppy dressed up as Kim from Pretty Woman to match with Rory! Also the fact Carol’s mom immediately knew who Rory was and his look of pure glee that someone finally got it. Although isn’t he a little young to have seen that movie? Then again, it is a classic, Rory has great taste.

- Leighton looked so adorable in her cat costume! I had to laugh at Angie printing out a HuffPo article to explain her initial trash island costume for Graham and the fact he mentioned it again later when he scared Carol. As far as costumes go, I didn’t think it was too bad of an idea actually.


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