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SEAL Team - All That Matters - Review: "The Schedule Means Nothing"

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Mission: Rescue FSO from the hotel in Mumbai

The episode starts where it stopped with Bravo Team reporting that the FSO isn’t in his room. Ray (how awesome to see him kitted up and in the field!) finds the man’s cellphone. They figure he’s still in the building and decide to make use of the hotel security system to locate him.

FSO Nelson is being held in a storage room on the top floor. Ten bad guys in a well fortified room with only two exits. What’s a SEAL Team to do? It takes a bit but, they come up a plan viable enough to get the go ahead from Blackburn.

Just before Bravo Team moves in to rescue FSO Nelson, Blackburn realizes that the terrorists are wearing suicide vests. The team makes the necessary adjustments to their plan and completes their rescue without any injuries.

It’s no surprise that the return of Ray and a replacement for Jason has an effect on the team.

Sonny asks Ray if Adam is up to Jason’s job after spending so much time on Green Team. Clay, fresh out of Green Team and still idolizing Adam, jumps to Adam’s defense.

It’s weird, but this quick little scene really worked for me. The ‘jaw jacking’ felt natural. Most of these moments between Sonny and Clay leave me feeling awkward, like I just walked in on an argument between my Mom and Dad. Here Sonny’s response to Clay finally felt like he was ragging on a sibling. It didn’t sound like he wanted to drop kick Clay into next week.

Later, while they wait for their transport, Sonny notices that Ray is perturbed about something. Clay questioned Ray’s ability. Ray shakes it off as Clay doing his job as Bravo Two.

For some reason, Ray saying he’s shaking things off, especially with Clay, never convinces me that he’s actually shaking things off.

Granted, most of these scenes have been Clay asking Ray if things are okay between them, but…I’m always doubtful that Ray isn’t burying feelings of resentment.

When their transport arrives, they’re notified that American students are trapped in a nearby university, and they’re being sent in to rescue them.

The scope of the attacks in Mumbai means that the resources are spread thin, so Bravo Team will have to walk the “approximately 1000 meters” to the university. (I confess. Unless I hit the web to check a conversion app…I don’t know how far that actually is.)

On the way, they come under sniper fire. Annnnnnnd that’s where the episode ends.

This multiple episode mission approach is really working for me. If it can be used as effectively as it is being used here, I would love more of these types of missions.


Not surprisingly Jason’s coping mechanism is NOT his kid’s coping mechanism. As he would on a mission, he shoves his feelings down, outlines the tasks required to finish his mission and forges ahead.

He finds Alana’s calendar and sets about checking off her to do list. Emma refuses to shove her pain aside and get back to business as usual. Mikey just buries his in a video game.

Jason, undeterred, attends a college related meeting with Emma’s guidance counselor…without Emma. The guidance counselor isn’t clueless. She offers Jason a therapist’s card, which he, of course, refuses.

Linda is well aware of her son’s state of mind and what he really needs to do for his children.

She hides the calendar and reminds him that, at this point, those details don’t matter. I have been having difficulty watching Jason yell at his mother. That’s something that I, even after decades as an adult, can’t do. Well, I did it once and stopped myself mid-sentence.

But like most mothers, including mine, she didn’t freak out. Linda focused on getting Jason to face the fact that his kids can’t ignore the pain; they’re not soldiers.

Jason finally confesses that he expected to be the one who died. He’s completely unprepared. What really struck me in that scene was the fact that Jason couldn’t accept comfort from his mother. She reaches for him, but he pulls into himself.

Later Jason opens a package Alana ordered. It turns out to be a housewarming gift for Jason. She had a family album made for him to take to his new apartment. I was expecting the package to contain something mundane.

didn’t expect such a sweet, thoughtful housewarming gift. The photo album didn’t just contain pictures of the kids.

It also contained pictures of Alana and Jason together. Just one more reminder that, despite their divorce, they still loved each other.

The memories evoked by the photo album spur Jason to pack the kids in the truck and take them to Alana’s favorite place overlooking the city.

She had to practically scream it at him to talk to his kids, but Jason did, finally, hear her advice.

He tells the kids how he and Alana found the place and why she liked it. Jason explains to his kids why he focuses on what's right in front of him and that Alana was always able to see tomorrow. He promises to try to do that for his family.

He showed them the message he and Alana carved into a nearby tree: the standard “ALANA LOVES JASON”. Together he and the kids add “AND BOTH LOVE MIKEY AND EMMA”

The next day Jason goes to see Captain Harrington to remove himself from Bravo Team. Jason picked his family.

I’m thrilled that’s the choice Jason made. But let’s face it. Jason is being played by the name lead of this show. Unless they’re bringing back the, IMHO less than successful, training focused subplots, I doubt Jason will be on Green Team for the rest of the season.

Thank you for taking your time with Jason’s story. If the Hayes family had suddenly been okay, and Jason had reported to duty for the next Bravo Team mission by the end of this episode, it would have felt rushed, and, I think, I would have felt cheated.

Jason’s struggle and ultimate decision to be what his kids needed first is exactly what I wanted from this character.

I don’t know about other fans, but I’m realizing that I haven’t always been able to trust the story telling on this show.

The action has always been great, but I wasn’t sure about the plans for Clay and Jason. I finished season one with a lot of trepidation.

That's why I keep gushing over how great this season is so far. After these last few episodes, I’m feeling that trust set in. I can relax and enjoy.


I loved the intercut between Bravo Team trying to get the upper hand on the sniper and Jason considering (and delivering) his decision.

Sonny is still my favorite Bravo Team member. His turn of phrase is hilarious. I’m not in love with the hard drinking side of his personality that’s shown up this season, but it feels natural to his character.

Sonny and Summer are so much fun to watch. These moments just make me love him more.

I’m still hoping that we’ll eventually learn a bit more about Trent and Brock, the regular members of the team.

I have been watching David Boreanaz’ work since he was on Buffy the Vampire Slayer. It's been fun watching his performances evolve though his work on Bones to his stellar performances during these last couple of episodes.

Clay’s Nicknames:

These have become so much fun for me that I am going to keep a running list.

Pin-up Girl (E1)
Peter Pan (E2)
Mr. GQ (E2)
Cover Girl (E3)
Bamm Bamm (E4)
Ken Doll (E4)

Anything to add? What about you guys? What are you thinking about the season so far? Feel free to comment below.

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