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Quote of the Week - Week of September 30

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1. Athena: “I was worried about you all day.” Bobby: “I was worried about you too. It was nice having something so important to worry about I had to work hard to put it aside to get the job done. I haven’t had that in a long time.”
2. Hen: “I wish I could promise you that I was coming home tonight,, after you took me back, you know, I swore that I‘d never lie to you again. And, baby...uh, it’s not looking too good for me right now. I love you. I love you and I love Denny so much and...uh, and whatever happens, I just need you to know that I didn’t give up, okay? That I fought. I fought to the end. I fought...I fought to come home to you, okay?”
3. Buck: “I told you I liked our chances.”

1. Benny: “When you were a kid you believed in Santa, didn’t you?” Bull: “Until I was about 35.”
2. Chunk: “Quinoa porridge. Look I’m all for healthy but this stuff will kill you. You got any food around here for real people?”
3. Benny: “You win hundred million dollar verdicts against multinational corporations, but you can’t argue your way out of jury duty.”

The Good Place:
1. Janet: “Humans just live 80 years and they spend so much of it waiting for things to be over.” (Marine)

1. Bonnie: “He is falling for me. That is why I trust him, because if he saw what was in my file, he’d want nothing to do with me.”
2. Bonnie: “Don’t you get tired of being alone? Yes, you have a new place and a new job, but…” Annalise: “The fact that I’m not in jail or dead is a miracle.” Bonnie: “That can’t be all you want out of your life. We all deserve something good. You taught me that.”
3. Laurel: “All I want is to respect your boundaries.” Annalise: “Since when.”

1. Callen: “This is the worst. You’re right.” Sam: “Oh my goodness, it takes us both dying for you to admit I’m right. This is so messed up, G.” Callen: “We’ve had a good run.” Sam: “Helped a lot of people.” Callen: “I can’ anymore.” Sam: “It’s okay. Rest. Rest, brother.”
2. Kensi to Deeks: “This is crazy. You’re unconscious and I’m still fighting with you.”
3. Nell: “She was a brave, young woman. She never should have gone down there.” Kilbride: “None of your people should have gone down there. I will need to speak with her family.” Nell: “Isn’t that something Mosley should do?” Kilbride: “There’s lots of things Mosley should have done.”

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