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One Chicago - Crossover - Advance Preview

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Welcome One Chicago fans! We are treated to the crossover early this year and it is a doozy! In the spirit of #OneChicago, the previewers for all three shows have come together and combined our previews! So please enjoy some teases from myself, Beth (Chicago Fire), Michele (Chicago Med) and last but certainly not least, Gina (Chicago PD).


Chicago Fire (Hour 1) Preview by: Beth

Chicago Fire starts us off for the crossover and they tee up a great start to what I dare say is the best crossover to date.

The day starts off like any other at 51 with Emily roaming around trying to get her bearings on the history of 51. She seems to be getting on better with Boden now. The bell goes off during all of this and we are off to the madness.

Now please correct me if I am wrong but to my recollection, a massive high rise has never been tackled on Fire yet, so this fire is especially scary. The team is quick to pitch in as always, but surprises and tragedies await them as they navigate the fire. Otis is especially affected by what happens in this episode and I think it will have long standing effects on him.

Jay Halstead (Jesse Lee Soffer) of Chicago PD is the first face we see from one of the other shows, and he has an extremely personal connection to this fire, his father. 51 of course is there to help one of their own in the One Chicago family, but it is who helps his father that makes it hit home. Several members of the house have some heroic saves during this fire and if 51 was real, I would want them saving me all day.

Finally, in the midst of chaos a great moment happens for one character that will help them move past some sadness that they have been experiencing since the last season finale. Additionally, someone from our house is injured which tees up a trip to Med and begins the next act of the crossover.

Now I will hand it off to Michele for some teases about Chicago Med!

Chicago Med (Hour 2) Preview by: Michele
We seamlessly pick up for hour two inside Chicago Med's ER. Tensions are high as four victims, including one of our own firefighters as well as the Halstead patriarch, are wheeled in for treatment. Per usual, Med focuses heavily on family and interpersonal dynamics. Our firefighters spend most of this hour in the hospital wings, watching over their wounded. When Dr. Rhodes makes a medical call that would forever impact the life of a firefighter, the CFD has trouble letting it go without taking the opportunity to tell you what family means.

In the first hour with Fire, we only glimpse into Jay Halstead's concern over his father's well-being, and as hour two progresses, it only intensifies. Brothers Will and Jay have several emotional blowout scenes as they each deal with the effects of the fire in their personal lives and respective professions. Also, Manstead wedding planning takes takes a backseat this hour, but we do get to see them support one another through the episode.

This episode also spotlights a much deeper, and real world storyline that I expect will come up again later this season. Otis's experience during the fire leads to one-on-one time with Dr. Charles in the ER. By the hour's end, something Otis says really resonates with Dr. Charles. Watch out for a particularly powerful scene delivered by Fire's actor Yuri Sardarov and Med's actor Oliver Platt.

For the last hour preview, we hand it off to Gina and PD!

Chicago PD (Hour 3) Preview by: Gina

The official synopsis of the episode is:

After discovering the true cause of the high-rise fire, Intelligence races to find the man responsible. And for Halstead (Jesse Lee Soffer), it's personal.

So I should mention up front, even though I write for SpoilerTV, I'm not a huge fan of giving away spoilers for episodes that haven't aired yet. So, that being said, here is my preview and what I can't say in words, hopefully the pictures tell you all you need to know.

This episode, and the characters from Chicago P.D. in the crossover is what makes Chicago P.D. so good to watch. This episode is mainly focused on Jay Halstead played by the amazing Jesse Lee Soffer who showed his brilliance years ago on the soap As The World Turns. The last 10 minutes of the episode is why this show is so good. Tracy Spiridakos' of NBC's Revolution (Detective Haily Upton) performance was great, as well as Patrick John Flueger (Officer Adam Ruzek) who stared in The 4400, and Jason Beghe (Sergeant Hank Voight) helped round off an episode of intensity in all manner. Jesse Lee Soffer at the end of the episode is why he is my favorite character in a cast of great actors. Please watch, I know I am.

Let me know what you think of this episode.

That is it for us! Tune in for the crossover tonight on NBC!

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