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NCIS: LA - To Live and Die in Mexico - Review: "We Had a Good Run"

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Hello, I hope you’re all ready to read the recap of my #1 favorite NCIS: LA episode. Because I loved it. Did you love it? I loved it. There was no case of the week, everyone was just trying to save themselves with absolutely no contingency plans. It was really interesting to see the entire team at the end of their rope, certain that this was the end.

Here we go… The episode opens on Deeks in bed with a pregnant Kensi, which quickly fades into reality: Deeks bleeding in the back of the car. The guys who shot them down - Mosley’s kid’s dad’s evil buddies - swarm the car, but Turk pulls up just in time to save them. He claims he’s holding the kid hostage, allowing him to pull the team out of the crash. Kensi seems fine, but Sam’s leg injury is bleeding again, and Callen seems pretty knocked around. Deeks isn’t responding, so they figure he has a bad concussion. Everyone - including Deeks on a stretcher - piles into Turk’s truck and they leave.

As they head for safety, they draw fire and the group has to split up to avoid being caught. The car gets blown up and Turk grabs his dog and heads off, and Callen gets into a serious fistfight. After taking two shooters out in a surprisingly dramatic choking scene, he’s really beat up. He and Sam head off in one direction, and Deeks and Kensi in another. You’ll remember that Deeks is still unconscious on a stretcher, so Kensi has to physically drag him across the desert. I don’t care how strong Kensi is, that can’t last very long.

At Ops, a random man shows up and takes control of the situation since Hetty has gone missing. (Have we seen this guy before? I don’t recall seeing him.) Meanwhile, Mosley is at a hospital in Mexico and ready to take her son back to America, but ultimately decides to stick around and help the team. It’s worth mentioning that the hospital is full of mercenaries, so it’s not exactly a safe zone.

Back to the desert, where Kensi isn’t having the easiest time dragging her fiancĂ© around. She's straining, dragging the stretcher on the ground behind her up a rocky desert hill in the blazing sun with no cover. At one point she gets panicked and overwhelmed with the enormity of her task and starts freaking out, trying to cover both of them and flirt Deeks into consciousness. When that fails, she starts crying but has a brief vision of him flirting back, which snaps her back to reality and gives her the strength to continue.

Sam and Callen’s bikes run out of gas and Callen realizes that it is getting harder to breathe. He definitely broke a few ribs in that fistfight, at least one of which punctured a lung. Oh, and by the way, Sam’s leg has taken a turn for the worse.

Things are not looking great for our guys when a little kid sees them. Sam grabs him, knowing they'd be in trouble if he runs off and tells anyone. The bring him along as they slowly limp through the desert. I don't know what their plan is with this, but everyone seems to be winging it at this point.

At Ops, the temporary director is ticked that they still haven’t found Mosley or Hetty.

Kensi finds a church and pulls Deeks into it for relief from the blazing sun. She huddles up on top of him, terrified that he’s not going to make it out of this."I can carry you through this desert, I can do that, but I really need you to open your eyes,” she begs him.

Is it odd for anyone else to hear Kensi calls Deeks “baby,” or is it just me? I have no problem with him saying it to her, it just always sounds weird coming out of her mouth. Anyway.

Sam, Callen, and their new adopted kid also find a shack. This is great timing since Callen declares that he can't go any farther, and the two agents basically collapse in the shed. Sam wishes for a knife and a pen so he could do some field surgery and get air into Callen’s collapsed lung, but they unfortunately have neither. Sam also doesn’t have much blood left, since his leg has been bleeding out for hours now.

Let’s check in on the other partners, where Deeks is having another vision. It’s the same scenario, but this time Kensi’s not pregnant. Deeks is confused and when he finally wakes up he keeps asking about the baby. He’s really out of it and immediately admits that there’s something wrong and he needs to go to the hospital.

Back in the shed of death, Callen is coughing like crazy and Sam is so weak he can’t grab the boy when he runs away. The partners grasp hands and said they had a good run, but Sam is having a hard time admitting that this is the end. I"m not losing you too,” he tells Callen, referring to the recent death of his wife. “I can’t.” They agree that this is the worst situation they've ever been in. “We had a good run,” Callen says.

Their funerals will have to wait though, because the boy returns with friends. They give a pen and knife to Sam, who is able to keep Callen alive a little while longer and make it to the hospital.

Meanwhile, a guy shows up at the church and Kensi is hesitant to trust him, but she doesn't really have a choice. He recognizes her and Deeks and tells them that even though there’s a bounty on their heads, he’s going to help them out. Turns out Kensi’s instincts were right. The man and his wife try to hold them hostage, so she takes their truck and rushes Deeks to the nearest hospital.

Turk ducks into the hospital to check on his friends. Spoiler alert: They are all doing absolutely awful. Turk wants to get them out of the hospital, but everyone's kinda bedridden and looks like... Well, they don't look gorgeous.

Turk gives Kensi a little pep talk to keep her moving now that her adrenaline rush has obviously ended, and the pair head outside for a bit of acting. They grab rifles and pose in front of the hospital, putting on a show for the numerous cars full of mercenaries that keep pulling up, acting like they have plenty of back-up inside.

For the record, I really like Turk, and I really really like he and Kensi teaming up. I’d like to see more of that, please. Oh, and by the way, Turk is an NCIS agent. Surprise!

Before the mercenaries can make their move, Mosley goes COMPLETELY OFF THE RAILS and kills two of her exes men, then finally filling her ex. With no one footing the bill anymore, the mercenaries disperse, save for the rogue single man already in the hospital whom Sam shoots.

Just so we’re clear… Mosley just point-blank murdered three people. I think she no longer has a job at NCIS.

Hetty, by the way, knows in detail everything that has just happened because the friend she rescued from Vietnam is there! He’s quietly hanging out in a car, watching the scene unfold and calling Hetty with updates.

The show wraps up as the team is flown to a hospital back in California. Everyone is recovering except Hidoko. Yes, those unidentified human remains from the last few episodes have been identified.

Deeks finally wakes up in the hospital and we get one of the more emotional Deeks and Kensi scenes we’ve ever had. They apologize to each other, Deeks explains that he still wants to marry her, and they do a bit of vow exchange right there, saying, “Everything I have in this life I will give you.

You know Deeks has got babies on the brain, though. That has to be addressed.

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