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Mom - Go-Go Boots and a Butt Cushion - Review: "Show Me That 90 Day Keychain!"

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Is Christy really a gambling addict? She sets to find out this week.

Christy is having lunch with her new AA sponsor Nora and relays that she's having trouble connecting in Gamblers' Anonymous. She's surrounded by old farts who have spent their whole lives in a casino, whereas she's only had a couple gambling incidents. Nora encourages her to stick with it for a little bit longer (despite the fact that, in her own words, the population of the GA meeting looks like that of a Sizzler's), but Christy resolves to quit.

Until she gets home - where she discovers Bonnie, Marjorie, Jill, and Wendy have thrown her a 90 day party. Bonnie even baked her a homemade cake. (Well, it's from a box, but close enough!) Shocked at Bonnie's efforts, Christy decides to stay in GA a bit longer and on Nora's advice, goes looking for a sponsor. The first lady she approaches, Lucy, doesn't pan out, as she's only three days clean herself ("That new casino off Highway 12 is killing me!") Then, the man in front of her introduces himself.

Ned is 22 years clean and maintains that GA probably saved his life. Christy shares with him her concerns about whether or not she's really a gambling addict or just someone who made a couple of poor choices. Ned advises her to try some "controlled gambling" to figure out whether or not she's really an addict. Gamble a small, set amount of money. If Christy stops after running out, she's probably in control. If she keeps going, she's probably an addict.

Christy buys 10 scratchers and decides she'll only do three. Unfortunately, Bonnie walks into the middle of this and doesn't take too well to her explanation about being told to try "controlled gambling," which leads to her showing up at the GA meeting and yelling at Ned.

Christy tells the rest of the girls what Bonnie did. Although Bonnie's expecting them all to take her side, Marjorie admits that's she's advised newcomers to AA who are struggling to decide whether or not they're addicts to try "controlled drinking." Bonnie asks why that option wasn't offered to her when she started AA and Marjorie reminds her that she came to her first meeting on a stolen lawnmower, wearing nothing but a hockey jersey and go-go boots. (Guess the verdict was in on that one!)

Christy's now sure she doesn't have a gambling problem. She's played a few scratchers and a bit of online poker, but she's been able to stop every-time. Bonnie, however, isn't so convinced and is terrified Christy's going to throw away her future. Christy accuses Bonnie of only caring because if Christy becomes a success, she can absolve herself of being a bad mother.

Just then, Christy opens a $5000 excess check from her student loans. Bonnie wants to hold onto the money because she's convinced Christy will gamble it, but Christy storms out.

Later, Bonnie takes their blind neighbor, Mr. Munson to radiation and tells him about Christy's accusation that she's only concerned about her future so she won't feel bad for herself. Although Mr. Munson doesn't say anything (He's pouting that Bonnie won't let him drive!), Bonnie seems to realize that although they might not have been in the past, her motives for being concerned about Christy are pure.

We cut to Christy in the parking lot of that casino off Highway 12 Lucy told her about. She's got $5000 in an envelope and is ready for some action. Struggling with whether or not to get out of the car, she calls Ned, but he doesn't answer. She gets out and makes it about five feet before turning around and calling Bonnie, who immediately takes off for the casino.

When Bonnie gets to the casino, Christy's still in the car. The money's still there, although it's now in the trunk to keep from tempting her. Marjorie, Nora, Jill, and Wendy arrive right afterward, having been called in for back-up by Bonnie. Christy admits that she really is an addict, even if her problem is just triggered by large amounts of money.

We last see Christy back at a GA meeting, giving advice to Lucy, who's still struggling to stay out of the casino.

Random Thoughts:
-The whole "Driving Mr. Munson" scenario was hilarious, especially when he tried to take off with Bonnie's car at the end!

-Bonnie used the bar at the bus station for daycare? Points for creativity...

-I'm dying to read this YA vampire/robot novel Bonnie's got cooked up!

-Best lines go to Nora ("I lost an aunt to church bingo. There's a dark side to that game!") and Mr. Munson when Bonnie asks if she can get cleaned up before taking him to radiation. ("Well, let me check with my cancer...What do you think, boss?...Mr. Prostate said we gotta go!")

How do you think Christy will handle her gambling addiction going forward? Let me know what you think below!

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