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Mom - Big Sauce and Coconut Water - Review: "Fresh Out of the Cage"

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Remember crazy, scary Tammy who's life Bonnie ruined as a teenager? She's back, and this time she's outside the slammer.

Every since apologizing for ruining her life, Bonnie's been going to visit her foster sister Tammy in prison. And today, Tammy's got big news. The parole board has had mercy and she's getting out! "Turn's out you throw enough Bible quotes at them and who-punched-who-during-what-riot just fades away!

Tammy tells Bonnie how much of a role model she's been since they made up. She informs Bonnie she'll be going to live in a halfway house. But, Bonnie, in a classic example of that great Plunkett judgment, suggests Tammy come live with her instead. Of course, Tammy accepts!

At the bistro, Bonnie tells the girls about her plan. Christy, surprisingly, isn't mad she wasn't consulted but does make sure to tell Bonnie that Tammy's going to be her problem. ("She's your responsibility. You feed her. You walk her. You clean up after her.")

Release day arrives and a very excited Tammy comes home. Bonnie's set and ready to be a role model, but quickly discovers that's easier said than done. Tammy's been locked up for seven years and has more-or-less completely forgotten how life on the outside works. Also, she's terrified of dogs, so living with Gus is a bit of a challenge.

After a rough but seemingly successful first few days with Tammy, Christy runs into Tammy's parole officer outside the apartment one morning. He's come for a surprise inspection. Christy quickly shoots Bonnie a text and bails. This leaves Bonnie scrambling to hide all evidence of questionable activities, which is kind of hard, being that Adam's currently smoking weed in their bedroom!

Miraculously, they make it through the parole inspection, but Adam retreats back to his apartment where he can get high in peace! As Bonnie is attempting to sneak off to Adam's for an overnight, Tammy starts screaming her head off with night terrors. Oh yeah, she gets those regularly!

The next day, Bonnie takes Tammy shopping for some clothes and Tammy has a panic attack at the store when faced with all the options - things she never had in prison. Bonnie and Tammy do, however, "get out alive," and at the bistro, Bonnie tells the girls she's had all she can take and is sending Tammy packing to the halfway house. (Did you really think Good Deed Bonnie was going to last?)

Later, as Bonnie is attempting to fix the complex's washing machine, she decides to try and break the news to Tammy. Before she has a chance, Tammy steps in and fixes the washing machine. Apparently, Tammy spent her seven years behind bars taking every educational class she could take and is a serious jack-of-all-trades. Seeing the metaphorical light at the end of the tunnel, Bonnie decides to keep Tammy around and sets her to work doing all the landlord jobs she hasn't done. Yep, that sounds like a very Bonnie move!

Random Thoughts:
-I laughed out loud at Bonnie getting ready to take the squirt gun to Tammy.

-Best line goes to Bonnie when Jill goes into high-five Marjorie after her smart remark about Bonnie's character - "If you high-five one more person, I'm gonna poke you right in the boob!"

Will Tammy will be able to adjust to life on the outside? Let me know what you think below!

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