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Midnight Texas - Head Games - Review + POLL

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It has been a while since we were in Midnight where being strange is the norm, whether you are mystical or otherworldly.
Last year’s summer show has been moved to the fall and with new arrivals and a new hotel opening, we can expect a whole new host of troublesome folks making their way to the town.

We catch up with Psychic, Manfred (Francois Arnaud), Witch, Fiji (Paris Fitz-Henley)Vampire Lem (Peter Mensah) Angel, Joe ( Jason Lewis) and his Demonic Husband Chuy ,The Rev/werewolf and the humans Olivia (Arielle Kebbel) Bobo (Dylan Bruce) Creek (Sarah Ramos) as they come to terms with the demonic events and attempted to take over of the town last season.
However, something is wrong with Manfred and it may be newcomers Kai (Nestor Carbonell) and Patience Lucero (Jamie Ray Newman) that might be able to help.

It picks up after the events of the Season 1 finale, Manfred is having nightmares and bleeding black blood, he keeps this of course from Creek who wants to leave Midnight and asks Manfred to come with her.
Lem and Olivia got married at the end of last season and we see them settled into their married bliss and the benefits of the connection due to Olivia being saved by Lem’s Blood.
Bobo and Fiji don't seem to have the left the bedroom much since the end of last season but could her curse be broken or might they have consequences in the future.

A new hotel is about to open which promises a spiritual healing. Con or something else, Olivia is always suspicious and doesn’t fall for the healing water routine. It does seem like the new owners have something to hide.

Creek is becoming increasingly worried about Manfred’s behaviour, soon he realizes his nightmares are reality and he is having murderous tendencies. It was a nice touch to see his grandmother, but suspicions arose when she had come back, I thought she crossed over. Manfred gets himself put into Jail to save his friends but it’s too late as he learns its Demon residue which will take over.

Other new ventures in Midnight as well as the porn shop BoBo and Joe have taken over the old run-down bar and made it into a nice saloon with Lem as a bouncer, but Joe when gets jumped by some demons another new visitor to Midnight helps him out, Human Demon hunter Walker Chisum (Josh Kelly).

Manfred spirals out of control taking Creek hostage and coning Olivia to help him look for her thankfully due to Lem’s connection to Olivia he saves them both but soon learns something is very wrong with Manfred.

The Rev brings in Kai who manages to rid Manfred of the black goo for want of a better word. It’s a real Linda Blair projectile vomit feast. However, later we see Kai may not have the pure intentions the Reverend believes he does.
The Midnighter's forgive Manfred after all its because he swallowed six demons to save them he was in this mess but his Girlfriend is less forgiving. Manfred is now cured but Creek decides she is going to go away, I can’t say I blame her after her murderous brother and now her boyfriend trying to kill her. It was nice to have closure for the character and not just have her being written off.

As Fiji and Bobo take the leap to Bobo having the key to her house and them settling into to couple’s life something may be off. Plants don’t normally wither and die when you’re in love I thought they bloomed. The other thing that is amiss is Mr Snuggly’s voice though we do see him gag at the happy couple earlier in the episode.

Midnight certainly has some interesting new developments and I don’t think the happiness they are feeling now will last for long. Once again sinister things are lurking but of course, it wouldn’t be Midnight Texas if they weren’t.

I really enjoyed the opener and it was nice to see the characters back on our screens. The first episode of this seasons focus was Manfred’s behaviour and ultimately his relationship and breakup with Creek.
Questions were answered but it also raised some new ones and it seems another of Fiji’s loves may end up cursed?
I do enjoy the humour during the macabre in this show and each character plays well off their counterparts. It’s a welcome return to Midnight and I can’t wait to see what comes next.

So what were your thoughts, have you missed this show?

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