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Legacies - This Is The Part Where You Run - Advanced Preview: "Villain of Your Story"

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Some are born with a Legacy, others bread Legacies and the rarest are there to lead all the Legacies. The third entry in Julie Plec's The Vampire Diaries-verse is everything you wanted, maybe more and maybe even a little less. Nevertheless is it a very fun ride with an interesting set up and characters that may irk you the wrong way but seem authentic to the new generation and the way they do the living. The Pilot episode was written by Julie Plec and directed by Chris Grismer and in imo opinion is the strongest out of the 3 new CW fall shows.

Considering everything that goes down in the Legacies premiere, it is very hard to deliver this Preview without giving away too much. It is just that good. The story is very open and connected, the character interactions are on point and while it isn't the most intense Pilot you have ever seen it sets up a interesting mystery and makes you definitely greedy for more. It is obvious that Julie Plec knows her craft, she knows this world so well and the flow of the Episode feels natural and not so pushy, not actually making this feel like a Pilot episode. Rather just a continuation of The Originals. Vibewise it is very similar to The Originals, while it has a strong TVD tone with the school setting and the love "drama". And just to pull the breaks here there is a bit of lovey dovey stuff but it isn't taking central stage, it serves more as a tool to get to know the characters and what screws them which way.

Talking about characters, my favorite pair from this Episode were certainly the Saltzman twins. Jo and Lizzie delivered a push of fresh Energy and brought the ride doze of emotions for their respective roles.
With Lizzie it's probably the huge resemblance to Caroline. She carries a lot of heart and insecurities Caroline carried during TVD's first season. She is awkward and doesn't fit in and has a mean jealousy thing going on with Hope, sounds familiar, thought so. Despite that she is even more dangerous considering she is a witch. On the other side Jo is plagued by her own issues and mostly love related. Despite that she is the good girl, the caretaker, the one everyone can lean on. But even that kind of people reach their boiling point and it gets quite dangerous than. The use of magic during the whole Episode is really entertaining and very free, which just adds up to the Episode.

Despite Jo and Lizzie winning my heart, Hope stands for front and Danielle is phenomenal. I know I use this word very often maybe sometimes undeservedly, but except one scene I am totally wowed by her performance. Danielle feels comfortable in the role and it completely transfers to the screen. The serenity she reached after all the loss she suffered during season 5 of The Originals left a mark and shaped her in the powerful badass Tribrid she is today or 10 years in the future.

Her scenes with Alaric are powerful and the chemistry is really good. They play off each other really well ans the lines flow really well. We experience Alaric as a mentor, a father and powerful Headmaster of the Salvatore Boarding school. Matt Davis rarely disappoints and he didn't waste the opportunity to shine this week neither.

The story starts with Alaric and Hope "recruiting" a new student and encountering Landon while doing so. Landon and the recruit Raphael are foster siblings and very close. Raphael has the typical looks and charms of a CW boy and is already in the work of slamming hearts, while Landon only has eyes for Hope and one really pointy thing, but I am not allowed to talk about that.

Besides that we meet the regular sway Vampire MG who does what all the pretty Vamps like to do, we also meet Penelope, the shows sexually fluid and not interested in binary classifications witch.

So are you ready to meet the villains, heroes and monsters of tomorrow? Will they live up to the dangerous legacy of their Elders? Share U excitement or discouragement of the upcoming CW show in the comments below.

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