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Legacies - This is the Part Where You Run - Review + POLL

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So here’s what happened on the first episode of Legacies. Alaric and Hope saved Rafael from torture during his first werewolf turn and brought him and his foster brother Landon back to their school. Sine Landon is human, he’s not allowed to remember but compelling wasn’t possible so they locked him up. Alaric’s twins, Lizzie and Josie, have both set their sights on Rafael but the latter seems to not be over her ex-girlfriend. Meanwhile, Lizzie seems to be suffering from some serious anger issues. Hope and Landon grow closer but he betrays her when he steals a mysterious artifact that has a very deadly power. 

Not much has changed: A few years have passed since the events that took place in the series finale of The Originals. For those of you who are new to the TVD universe, Hope lost both of her parents in the shows’ final season. Much like on The Originals, Hope still blames herself for the role she played in their deaths since they both died to protect her. Now that she’s had a few years to grieve, she seems much more stable now but that sadness is still visibly there. While mini-Hope was very eager to make friends when she first started at the school, now she pushes everyone away out of fear that they’ll get hurt because of her. But she’s also become a lot stronger. While her werewolf side still scared her when we last saw her, now she’s really made it her own. Her magic has of course never been a problem and I hope we get to see her vampire side soon as well, as she clearly referred to herself as a tribrid. I grew very attached to this character on The Originals, so I can’t wait to see her grow on this show. 

Don’t do it: Since the characters on this show use magic so much, can any of them invent a spell to get rid of love triangles that pit 2 women against each other? I loved what I saw of Lizzie & Josie’s relationship so far and the last thing I want is for these 2 sisters to fight over a boy they just met. This is storyline is such a cliché, I can already predict how it’s going to go. Josie will step aside because she wants her sister to be happy, meanwhile, Rafael will fall for Josie instead of Lizzie which will piss off the latter and cause friction that will last for several episodes. Please prove me wrong. 

Plot twist: I’m a fan of slow burn relationships so I wasn’t too happy with how fast things were moving between Hope and Landon. But I was very surprised when it turned out he was playing all of them. I know he’ll probably have a good reason or something, I doubt the writers would actually make him evil, clearly, a lot has happened since we saw him on The Originals. I have a feeling we’ll get the entire sad backstory in a future episode as we did with Roman. Seriously though, Hope has the worst taste in men. Maybe she should just date Josie instead. 

Missing pieces: I know the writers probably didn’t want to throw too much at us at once. This first episode was mainly about getting to know everyone, but I have questions. Where the hell is Caroline? I was surprised that there wasn’t even a mention. I know Candace didn’t want to be a part of this show but I’m very curious to know what could’ve possibly made Caroline leave her daughters behind. I also need some kind of confirmation that Rebekah, Kol or Freya has been regularly visiting Hope because that girl needs all the love she can get. 
Expectations: I have to admit that I’m going into this show with higher expectations that I’d have for another new show. I’m hoping to feel the same way about this show as I do about The Originals. I liked the premiere but there definitely room for improvement and I know they have it in them so I look forward to the rest of the season. My main wishes for this show is that it will keep the same dark tone like The Originals (which might be difficult since this show has more teenagers) and that we’ll get to see some new species (pretty please). 

Best quotes: Hope: “When we’re young, we’re taught the distinction between a hero and a villain, good and evil, a savior and a lost cause. But what if the only real difference is just who’s telling the story. My name is Hope Mikaelson. I come from a long line of the villains in the tales you’ve heard about vampires, werewolves, witches and everything in between. The school behind these gates protects the secrets of people like me, and tonight under the light of the full moon, we will be opening our doors to someone new.” 
Landon: “Klaus Mikaelson, the great evil.” Hope: “He wasn’t very popular around here.” Landon: “My foster dad used to burn us with his cigarettes. I guess evil is relative.” 
Josie: “I just saw MG with his tongue down You-Know-Who’s throat.” Lizzie: “Gross. He should know better than to make out with the Dark Lord. Bad friend move.”  

That’s it for this week. Check in again next week for an all-new review and let me know in the comments what you thought of this week’s episode. 

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