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Into the Dark - Flesh & Blood - Advance Preview: Gobble Gobble

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Halloween has nearly wrapped up and we're moving onwards towards the next big holiday: Thanksgiving, the holiday this episode of Into the Dark, titled "Flesh & Blood" is based around. Although, unlike the first episode, which felt very connected to Halloween, turkey day feels like a background player more than a main component. The story told here could have occurred at any time of year. I wish it had been more Thanksgiving-centric, but I digress.

"Flesh & Blood" is, in essence, a bottle episode. The entire story unfolds in the same house and only features two primary characters. Kimberly (Dana Silvers, this is her first big acting job, it looks like), is struggling after her mother's death a year prior. She lives with her father, Henry (Dermot Mulroney). Kim has regular therapy sessions in-home conducted by Doctor Helen Saunders (Tembi Locke). Lately, Kim has been feeling a sense of unease in her own home, like she may not be safe there anymore.

It's hard to talk about this episode without spoiling because it is so close-knit. There is only one real central plot and with only a handful of characters in play any hint could give away the entirety of the story. I can say that I felt, narratively, anyways, this episode was stronger than the first. That said, I do think this could have been at least ten to twenty minutes shorter as once the conflict kicks in things kind of started to drag.

"Flesh & Blood" is a very tense, character-centric story that takes its time establishing the foundation of the Toombs family. Dana Silvers shines as Kimberly, we spend much of the episode in her head and seeing things from her perspective. She has to do quite a bit emotionally and physically and I thought she did a great job, especially as this is her first acting job, according to IMDB.

This episode is very different from the first. It looks like I was right in my prediction that the show will take chances and make sure every episode is stylistically altered from the previous. If "The Body" was a teen slasher then "Flesh & Blood" is a tight, character-driven, in-home thriller.


"In all honesty, I just never want to lose you two. You’re the loves of my life."

"You need to talk to someone real, someone present."

"Open this damn door."

“I really wish you hadn’t done that.”

"A man like that, invents excuses to do what he does. To excuse his own sickness."


Check back after the first episode airs for my in-depth review of the episode!

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