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Happy Together - Like Father, Like Son - Review + POLL

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When Claire's away the boys will play I guess. This week Jake's father, Mike, is in town, played by Damon Wayans Jr's real dad, Damon Wayans. Claire is out of town redesigning a sports bar and she's sad to miss out. Actually, after she remembers how weirdly in sync Jake and his dad are, she's not that cut up about it. But she is sad to miss out on her and Jake's Saturday night ritual... aka a little sex and a lot of Ben & Jerry's.

But why not try something scandalous over FaceTime? "I'm gonna get all up in that bandwidth." Jake demurs, it's a little cringeworthy but I'm sure more so for poor Cooper who walks in right on the tail end of that conversation. They wrap up quickly, apparently Jake feels embarrassed when people hear him being romantic on the phone, I wonder why! He caps off with a robotic farewell. Though it's not like Cooper hasn't heard far worse. Wonder if that brief moment will be all we see of Cooper this week or if Happy Together will finally remember he's actually a main cast member.

Mike finally arrives (was it just me or did the studio audience reception for Wayans feel lukewarm? Wonder if the Lethal Weapon drama has really soured the general public on him).

Why the impromptu visit? "I was dying." Beat. "To see you!" Already getting the vibe that Mike has ulterior motives for the visit. First of all, that of Cooper who he is apparently a big fan of. Mike breaks into singing one of Cooper's songs, chasing him half way around the living room before Cooper begs for Jake's help. He offers to help. In the form of a remix. There's a little choreographed dance routine between dad and son until Cooper interjects.

Just to show them the real way it's done.

Afterwards, it's time for Mike and Cooper to get to know each other. What better way than for Mike to retell an exceedingly dull accounting story, but with high theatrics. Jake is quite literally on the edge of his seat, complete with nail biting and running out of the room when he gets too nervous to hear the ending. But Cooper clearly doesn't get what the point of the story is. "Judging from that reaction, that's a great story Mr. Davis."

When Jake leaves to get more beers, Cooper gets a brief moment to chat with Mike alone. He ends up pontificating on how he wants to leave and go somewhere out in a cottage and live in solemnity. This disturbs Cooper a bit.

Later, while Jake and Claire are attempting to have cyber sex, which concludes pretty hilariously with Claire accidentally reading the wrong set of sexy instructions, Cooper busts in the room to talk to Jake about his father. He's pretty concerned that something is going on with him. Jake doesn't get why he would tell Cooper that and not his own son if it were true and Cooper's answer is pretty simple. He has a nice face and people open up to him all the time! Especially because of his single, "You Can Tell Me Anything (Yes Anything)". Bet that would be a Top 40 if it was a real song. They should totally release some real Cooper James songs as promo for this show by the way.

Had to laugh when Cooper pointed out Jake was connected to the BlueTooth speaker downstairs too, meaning his failed FaceTime sex antics with Claire were blasted for everyone to hear. Props to Cooper for waiting so long to interrupt that, dude deserves a medal.

The next morning, Jake hazards a chance at checking on his father's welfare. Mike deflects and Jake is called away by his phone ringing. It's probably Claire so he grabs a pencil - just in case. Cooper looks traumatized.

Then he gets stuck with Mike again and we get this hilarious exchange:

Mike: So Cooper, how do you like your eggs?
Cooper: Over easy.
Mike: I'll tell you what was over easy. My marriage.

Once again, Cooper is forced to play the part of impromptu therapist. He tries calling out for Jake who doesn't hear him and Mike's walk down memory lane leads him out on a jog so maybe the "sweat will cover his tears". When Jake comes back he says the call was actually from his mom. She's getting remarried. Looks like we've found the source of Mike's anguish! Especially if his wailing animal sobs are any indication from outside the house.

Claire and Jake actually have a surprisingly tender moment where she gives him some sound advice, sort of. She at least gets him to try and ask his father to open up because Jake too was emotionally closed off when they first met. This gives Jake the idea of inviting Claire's parents over for a game night to maybe get his dad to be more open during a round of Never Have I Ever. Plus they try FaceTime sex again but this time Claire's computer freezes with her looking like "she sells chins" and doesn't exactly set the mood.

A game night commences, Claire's parents, and Wayne (who I enjoy way more as a character than Claire's parents, to be honest). Things don't pan out exactly the way Jake wants it to and he ends up confronting his dad in front of everyone.

Mike doesn't handle the confrontation well. He wants to handle his emotions in his own way and Jake wants to be able to help him but Mike doesn't appreciate having his business blasted in front of a group of people.

At the Lakers game the next night, a game Cooper secured tickets for, the pop star is stuck between an awkward father/son freeze out. "I know Justin Timberlake and Kevin Hart wanted to come tonight but I'm super glad I brought you guys instead!"

Jake decides to bury the hatchet. They can just go back to talking about sports and ignore their feelings! But Mike opens a door in the form of sports analogies which leads to a funny instance of Jake calling Lebron, LeMom, in reference to the thinly veiled metaphors regarding his father's real life struggle. Eventually this leads to a court-side therapy session where Jake and his dad are able to strengthen their relationship and talk about Jake's mom.

Claire, of course, winds up calling at an inopportune time and is already naked on the camera, flashing Cooper and a peeping Tom sitting on Jake's other side.

In the end Claire and Jake finally get some amazing FaceTime time together... eating Ben & Jerry's. "For once we can both finish at the same time." But Jake's phone is still on BlueTooth and Cooper can't tell the difference between ice cream moans and sex moans so he assumes the worst. Honestly he should just unplug the thing.


Funniest Line: "Look I wrote that "You Can Tell Me Anything" song for the Trolls movie and they didn't even use it, so."

Best Gag: Jake winding up with a pencil between his pecs because Claire read the guy's portion of the "sexting" language online. The entire saga of them trying and failing to have FaceTime sex was pretty amusing.

Cooper Spotting: Wow! Cooper actually felt like a real main character this episode. Finally.

Claire's Parents - Hit or Miss: Hit. They were used sparingly and actually had a few funny moments, I didn't mind them so much this time around.

How Many Times the Word Scrotum Was Used: Twice too many.


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