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Grey's Anatomy - Gut Feeling - Review - "That's a Good Thing, Right?"

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Hello everyone and welcome to the Grey`s Anatomy Season 15 reviews! This season will be covered by myself and STV pro Marko. It's no ordinary season either, because it's the "Season of Love", and we're here to channel our inner nurse Frankie and award it appropriate amounts of truth and shade.

Break out those missing person posters! Jesse Williams apparently had a movie to film, so Jackson disappears this week. Everyone gets an email from him, and Maggie gets a terse voicemail. A very abrupt shift from the premiere that was confusing at best. No one was more frustrated by this speed bump in the writing than Maggie. She also cannot handle carrying Teddy's secret. Carrying her own unborn child would be easier. For muddled reasons, Maggie tries to get Amelia to go out with other guys, because she must think that Owen will end up choosing Teddy. Does Maggie know either Teddy or Owen or even Amelia well enough to decide this? Teddy herself is absent from the episode, which was disappointing.

Also disappointing is how quickly Owen and Amelia have gotten back together. They even admit they are probably going too fast, especially considering how Betty and Leo in the mix. A breakup could really hurt them, and I think it's irresponsible of the grown ups to not take it slow for their sake. Everyone from Meredith to Dr. Koracick (so glad this gem is still around) have mixed feelings about the re-pairing, even with Amelia's argument they are repairing things.

"I know we hurt each other, but now we're unhurting each other. That's a good thing, right?"

Sometimes the answer is in the question.

A much more humorous story this week is Alex's first day as Chief. Bailey oh so reluctantly hands him the keys to the castle. Jo gives him a wedding picture for his desk, and it's really cute. People come to him asking for funding for their projects, and Alex blithely signs the checks. Bailey eventually confronts him about what he's doing, and Alex proudly announces he's under budget. It falls to Bailey to explain that the budget he was viewing as monthly was for the whole quarter. It is funny, even if it's unlikely that Alex wouldn't know how money works.
There is one downside for Alex that Bailey is very happy about.
"You have my office, you have my parking space, and you have my Doctor Roy."
Roy is an awful doctor, and his behavior costs a man his life. This is one redemption arc that won't be happening. Alex fires him. It's a long time coming. It is also an odd coincidence how much his story and exit paralleled Jared's over on The Good Doctor. Jared wasn't awful like Roy was, of course, but draw your own conclusions.
Alex's other big challenge on his first day comes in the form of Dr. Webber. The death of his friend and sponsor last season hit him hard, and he's clearly not on solid ground yet. Bailey passing him over for Chief just pours gasoline on the fire. He basically has a meltdown. A group of patients is brought in after a woodworking accident. The teacher lost consciousness over the saw while guiding a student. (I will never go within a hundred yards of any saw, motorized or not). The saw itself provides a gory trauma case that Owen and Maggie work on, but the bigger issue is that the teacher is found to have high blood alcohol levels. Webber decides to put the fear of God into that teacher. He is definitely projecting in an unhealthy way, and new doc Link tells him to back off. But it's Alex who has to dismiss him from the ER. It's uncomfortable for everyone involved. However, Webber later discovers that the teacher has Auto-brewery syndrome and is innocent of endangering his students. He and Alex patch things up.
Later, Link and DeLuca invite Webber to join them for dinner after work, and maybe this is the start of DeLuca transitioning from eye candy to full-fledged character. They keep having Meredith give him long, thirsty glances. And I am not here for that. (Or maybe he'll get killed off and Link will take over his non-role.)

Meredith, who I just remembered was in this episode, has hired Cece to help her find love. But she's not exactly cooperative with the matchmaker.

"She wants me to spew emotional vomit every time I walk into her room."

Cece is good at what she does, so she picks up on Meredith's reticence and takes a more roundabout approach, advising her to go shopping for five new outfits to get ready for something new. And I'm just saying that it's noteworthy that Cece has to stick around at the hospital to wait for transplants. She might just require a special transplant surgeon when the time comes. Do we know anyone? (Never going to let this go....)

Biggest Moment of Love: Alex and Mer hiding out and encouraging each other. Friendship for the win.

Biggest Motivation to Become a Hermit: Link asks out Amelia because of Maggie's meddling, and it is awkward.

Not as well-assembled as the premiere, "Gut Feeling" struck me as mostly just a reminder of what happened in the premiere. Next week is a crossover with Station 19, so the season hasn't really even started yet. Episode 5 will hopefully bring back Teddy and start digging into the promising new developments like Bailey and Jo's partnership.

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