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Dynasty - Episode 2.08 - Spoilerly Snippets

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Fallon is knee deep in wedding planning. Nothing is really satisfying her. Culhane questions her on what she's up to, and Fallon reveals she had the wedding planner put some stuff together so they could visualize the big day. He thinks it's a bit extravagant, but Fallon proclaims it's a celebration of them and tells him not to worry since she's paying for everything.

He isn't exactly happy with that and Fallon realizes what she said was insensitive. He tries to leave saying he's got a meeting to go to, but Fallon says she needs his help especially since they moved the wedding day up. Culhane says he can't miss the interview, and Fallon says he's been fine without a job for 6 months and Culhane says he'll reschedule.

The planner informs them of the venues available and Fallon asks about the Swan House. She reveals her grandma got married there, Culhane notes they were close and getting married there would make the day special. The planner reveals the venue isn't available on that date and suggests a different one. Fallon says they can't do that as they've already sent out the invites, and it'd cause too much speculation with her recent divorces. The planner says Mimi Rose has booked the venue, and whilst Fallon doesn't know her she knows someone that does. Culhane in between this is getting texts from a person called Ada and eventually stalks off.

Fallon and Alexis meet with Mimi and try to put her off getting married on that day.

Mimi is wise to their game and knows exactly why they're meeting her. Cutting to the chase Fallon attempts to make Mimi an offer which she refuses, and Fallon points out she could easily buy the Swan House. Mimi calls Fallon out on her lack of manners. Alexis proclaims she's a woman who knows what she wants and how to get it. Alexis claims she'll be enjoying the wedding of the decade at Mimi's dream venue.

Alexis and Mimi later meet up secretly. Mimi reveals Fallon is still trying to buy the Swan Club, and Alexis was supposed to put Fallon off in exchange for enjoying perks of an exclusive club. Alexis offers to pay for Mimi's wedding at the Swan Club on a different day so everyone gets what they want, but Mimi refuses and warns Alexis to call Fallon off or kiss her membership goodbye.

Later Alexis sits in a parked car watching Mimi walk towards her, and runs her over.


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