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Daredevil - Season 3 - Advanced Preview: "Healing"

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Two and a half years after the second seasond of Daredevil dropped, the show returns with 13 new fascinating episodes. Okay, I`ve just seen 6 out of the new 13 but they are a brutal bunch of episodes. Daredevil returns to our small screen with a new showrunner, Erik Olsen, the old amazing cast and a complex and exceptionally well layered story.

If you ever read my comments in regards of Daredevil on the site, you would know that I am not a fan of Vincent D`Onofrio`s Wilson Fisk. Somehow he didn`t reach me in the first two seasons. And now I stand write here eating my own words. The King Pin is owning this season and addmitelly one of the Comic Book villain adaptations I have ever seen. Wilson is even more intimidating this time around but it has nothing to do with strength it is all about his actions. The smart and very well crafted game of Chess he is playing this season is just exciting and makes you anticipate every single move he makes. He isn`t just the bad guy in this story he is the even worse guy, every move he makes is slightly diabolical and with no shame or fear he is playing the game to win it. The way he gets out of prison and acts further along is just so tainted and dirty creating an even complexer character pushed by simple motives.

The title of the Preview is telling you everything about Matt Murdock`s journey this season. And not only his but also the journey of the ones closeset to him. But before I give you a couple of teases about Karen and Foggy, let`s dig into Matt. The events of Defender`s first season left major scars on Matt`s body and soul. It is slightly devastating to see how broken the whole journey with Elektra has left Matt. It broke him that deep that at the start of the season he doesn`t even recognize himself. The healing is slow and painfull both on screen and what is transpiring through it. The writers put and extra dose of depth into the story this season. There are still those perfectly coreographed fighting scenes (especially in episode 4 and end of episode 6, LIKE MAJORLY MIND BLOWING FIGHT SCENES) but the deepth of the story is on a new level cause as said they are building Matt out of scratches. Matt keeping his life status hidden for multiple months doesn`t resonate well with Karen or Foggy but their reunions are taineted by the fact that they are meeting a different Matt.

Still, the interaction between the main trio is what drives this show to its excellence. Their interaction no matter how estranged still are gripping, endearing and heartbreaking. Karen`s story from The Defenders and Punisher continued as she continously proves how powerfull she is and a reporter storyline should`ve been executed properly. She isn`t sidelined, her role isn`t downplayed she is just as important to the plot like all the other main characters. She even throws a couple of punches here and there. She is a fierce powerful woman with every fiber of her being and its a pleasure to watch her character grow. Awardworthy performance from Deborah Ann Wolf.

While Foggy`s story is a little less into everyone`s face his story is personal. We meet his family, we see him grow and mature, and stand right for everything he loves. Meeting Foggy`s family is one of the sweetest thing you could every witness on Daredevil. The writers showed the clear impact Matt`s presumed death had on him and Elden Henson is owning it.

Season 3 of Daredevil added its fair share of newbies this season and I honestly can`t tell which is my favorite addition. As always Ladies first. Joanne Whalley`s Sister Maggie is the sarcastic angel on Matt Murdock`s healing back. The piece she carries within herself pushes Matt in the seemingly right direction and is the touchstone he needs to find himself again. As said earlier the healing isn`t going as smoothly as wished but Sister Maggie puts up the neccessary boundries Matt needs at this point. The sincerity her character carries puts so many bullets into Matt`s new pov that even Punisher should fear he. If her character lives up her complety comic book story wasn´t revealed so far but hints were laid.

Out of the two new boys, Wilson Bethel is definitely more high profile as he is taking on two major Comc book characters. And while i am thrilled to see Wilson join the show, his acting skills and character story are completelly impressing. He completely knocked me out of my socks and I love him for every bit of it. The writing for his character is really well layered and the way he got to the place he needed the show to have him felt emotionally and logically just right.

Jay Ali meanwhile hadn`t a major comic book lore to raise up to but his performance and story aren`t any less captivating. He plays a FBI Agent torn between the path to glory and demise in the unknown. That also creates an interesting moral debate within the show. What does the truth mean if it can take away all the things you worked very hard for?

I hope you`ve enjoyed this little preview of mine ahead the season premiere in 7 days. A personal impression is that season 3 can top the two seasons we saw prior to this. October 19th isn`t that far away guys and in the meantime you can ask me some questions in the comment section but I am not completely sure I will be "allowed" to answer...

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