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American Housewife - Trust Me - Review: "I Might Even Get Her a Shock Collar!"

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It's Halloween in Westport, and the Ottos are busy getting ready for the spooky season.

As Katie's busy planning for one of her client's Halloween parties, Taylor appears with a request - she wants to go to a Halloween party. Greg says yes. There's going to be parents there and she promises there won't be any drinking. Katie questions Greg making the decision without consulting her, but he insists he's just doing what she told him to - being more involved with the kids since she went back to work. Katie's still suspicious.

And just as they've dealt with Taylor, another problem appears - a very pregnant Viv! She's got even more questions about parenting (This is her 4th visit today!). Apparently, since we last saw Viv, her pig-whispering boyfriend has dumped her and ran off, so she's gonna be doing this whole raising a kid thing on her own. That sounds like it's gonna work out real well...

While Katie's trying to get rid of Viv, Oliver and Cooper are at Oliver's girlfriend's Gina's restaurant, planning for their own Halloween fun. Gina introduces them to her cousin Adrianna, who's going to be going to the Halloween party as Cooper's date. But, Adrianna has plans that are a little more adult than Oliver's evening "with a few scares and some light hand-holding." They're going to play 7 Minutes in Heaven! And they need some practice...

At lunch the next day, Katie mentions to Angela and Doris about the Halloween party Taylor is going to. Angela's got news for Katie though. According to their latest social media post - the girl whose's throwing the party's parents are currently on a beach in Antigua. So much for parental supervision!

At home, Katie confronts Greg about what she found out, ready to tell Taylor she can't go. But Greg's still not so sure about it. Katie's convinced that Taylor's going to go to the party, fool around with Tripp and get drunk. Greg reasons that maybe she just lied because she knew she wouldn't be able to go if they knew there wasn't going to be any parental supervision. Greg thinks they should still let her go, having seen enough of the freshman in his classes go wild once they get to college because they never had any freedom in high school. He worries that if they don't start loosening the leash now, Taylor will get to college and go nuts with all that sudden freedom. Katie unhappily agrees to let her go but tells Greg that she fully expects Taylor to come home drunk, at which point she'll be there to once again tighten the proverbial leash.

Meanwhile, Oliver and Cooper are prepping for 7 Minutes in Heaven in an interesting way, and Katie walks in on it! They're ordered some bras and are practicing taking them off each other! Seeing this as the perfect opportunity to have Greg practice his new-found decision-making skills, Katie has them deal with it. Cooper the Dull quickly blurts out the reasoning behind what they're doing to Greg. ("We might touch boobs tonight!")

Halloween night rolls around, and a scantily-clad Taylor heads off to her Halloween party. Anna-Kat, who's decided she's too old to trick-or-treat and is instead handing out candy, admits to Greg she regrets not going and asks him why he didn't convince her to go. Greg says he was trying to support her decision and she reminds him that as the parent, he's supposed to make sure she makes the right decision, which she obviously didn't. At this, Greg realizes that he might have made a BIG mistake with Taylor, tells Anna-Kat they're going trick-or-treating after all, and runs out the door.

Greg and Anna-Kat (who's now wearing a map Greg found in the car as a costume) arrive at Taylor's party, where they find several other dads standing outside unsure if they should have trusted their daughters. When a mom comes out dragging a kid violently screaming "You ruined my life!," Greg (and the rest of the dads) decide maybe trusting their daughters might be the smarter move.

At the Halloween party Katie's planned, she's failing to scare the guests with her "alien autopsy," and has left the woman who hired her asking when the "big scare" is going to be." Viv arrives, but this time she isn't here to ask for more advice. She feels bad that she's constantly bugging Katie, and asks how she can help with the party. The woman Katie hired to dress up as a witch and serve punch is sick, so Katie puts her to work doing that.

Before long, Viv, now dressed in the witch costume, is back pestering Katie instead of serving punch. She has a more serious concern though. She's in labor! Katie quickly has someone call 911 and gets ready to rush Viv to the hospital, but there isn't time. So Katie has to make due with what she's got. She plops Viv on the alien autopsy table and gets ready to deliver a baby!

Upstairs at the same party, Oliver and Cooper are nervously getting ready to play 7 Minutes in Heaven with their dates. Just as Oliver and Gina find an unoccupied closet, Oliver gets the message that Katie needs him downstairs. Oliver, Cooper, and their dates rush downstairs, where they arrive just in time to witness the birth (and get scarred for life!)

Viv and her daughter end up being the real big scare though. The party hostess actually thinks Katie staged a witch giving birth to a demon baby as the main event of the night. Naturally, Katie runs with this, and lets her believe it!

Later that night, Katie and Greg wait for Taylor to come home. Just as curfew strikes and Katie's insisting that Greg was wrong to trust her, Taylor comes walking in. And she's sober! (Though Katie puts her through a game of Simon Says just to prove it!) Katie admits to Greg that the reason she didn't want to trust Taylor is that she isn't ready to let her go, even though they're getting to the point where they're going to have to.

Later, Viv and her baby visit the Ottos. And Viv, unsurprisingly, attempts to run off sans baby. That kid's going to have an interesting childhood!

Random Thoughts:

-You're never too old for trick-or-treating, Anna-Kat!

-Best quotes go to Oliver after learning he's going to play 7 Minutes in Heaven ("Is there a beginner's closet? Maybe 3 minutes?") and Viv ("I don't want a baby! I want a purse!")

Will Viv figure out motherhood? Is Katie ever going to be ready to let Taylor go? Let me know what you think below!

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