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American Housewife - Here We Go Again - Review: "Kiss the Ring"

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As Katie jumps headfirst into her new job as an "event coordinator," the rest of the family deals with their own issues this week.

Katie has been "summoned" to New York to finally meet her boss, boob-job Whitney, in person, kiss the metaphorical ring, and be brought into the company permanently, instead of just on a trial basis. Greg's excited for her to go, but Katie's worried about the kids turning into "jerks and weirdos" if she commits fully. Taylor's focusing her whole life on her lovable, but idiotic boyfriend Trip and neglecting play practice. Oliver's telling everyone at school that he spent the summer yachting around the world with some non-existent duchess great-aunt. And Anna-Kat? With her therapist on medical leave, her OCD's gotten so bad that she's Purelling the Purell and resolving to pee in an empty mayonnaise jar so she won't have to use the school bathroom. And Luthor can't figure out how the doggy door works, so he keeps peeing inside!

Greg and Katie decide to split up the problems, with Greg working on Oliver and Luthor and Katie working on Taylor and Anna-Kat. Greg tells Oliver that he needs to come clean and tell everyone at school that he really went to Amish country for summer vacation, while Katie tells Taylor that she has to stop spending all her time on Trip and start establishing an identity outside of him. In regards to Luthor, poor Greg gets hands-on and tries crawling in the doggy door to show him how it works. Finally, Katie goes to see Anna-Kat's principal, who's been filling in for the therapist and tells him to convince Anna-Kat that the school bathrooms aren't actually filled with germs. Problems solved, right?

Nope. Oliver's still telling people his family owns a yacht (though Greg's speech has inspired him to tell everyone that they're humble enough to give the crew Sunday mornings off!). Taylor's still putting all her efforts into being an overly-involved girlfriend. The principle "fixes" Anna-Kat's problem by telling her class that the bathrooms at school aren't any worse than the bathrooms at home. They're all just filthy. (So now she's started peeing in the yard!) And Luthor's still peeing in the house!

Back at the house, Oliver arrives home with his insanely rich, insanely obnoxious best friend Cooper in toe, and Greg decides enough is enough and shows Cooper the slideshow of Oliver's real summer vacation in Amish country. Cooper doesn't really seem to be bothered, except for the fact that Oliver lied to him ("You don't lie to me. You lie to customs officials!") and decides just bring Oliver along on all his ritzy vacations from now on. Not quite what Katie and Greg were going for...

Taylor, meanwhile, comes home with Trip. He's got a new car "to celebrate the start of the first of [his] senior years! (It took his brother "three senior years to graduate," but not to worry folks, he's "hoping to do it in two!") And since Trip's got a new car, his old Porsche is going to his sister, and his sister's old Mini-Cooper is going guessed it...Taylor! Again, not exactly what Katie and Greg had in mind.

Katie finally loses it and melts down in front of everyone, deciding there's no way she can commit to a full-time job when her family is such a mess. On the bright side, fear seems to motivate Luthor, and he's finally peeing outside!

Just when Katie's given up, Greg and the kids call her downstairs to show her something. Cooper's eating supermarket cheese! In an attempt to be less of a spoiled brat rich influence on Oliver, Cooper's decided to try to live like a "regular, human boy." And Trip's realized he can't give Taylor a car, and as an alternative to her wearing his varsity jacket, he's decided to wear one of her jackets to represent his commitment to her, instead of the other way around. (He means well, ya'll!) Anna-Kat still won't pee in the house, but hey, three out of four!

Katie's says that there's no way she'd make it to New York in time anyways. Cooper asks for "permission to be rich again for a second" and offers up his private helicopter to get her there! Once in New York, Katie finds out that she's not actually meeting Whitney. She's still just over a speaker. Katie, is, however, going to be kissing her literal ring as her final initiation into the company!

Random Thoughts:
-Doris realizing that her husband may eventually "trade her in for a newer model" and then hiding suitcases full of cash in the Otto's basement was too funny!

-Greg trying to teach Luthor to use the toilet was hilarious!

-Best quote goes to Oliver about Taylor's possible future as a Westport housewife. "It's better than the road she's currently on, which is straight to Flair Beauty College and a steady diet of Hot Pockets."

Is Taylor ever going to find her own path in life? Is Oliver ever going to stop being so snooty? Will Anna-Kat ever pee inside again? Let me know what you think below!

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