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American Housewife - Enemies: An Otto Story - Review: "Crepes and Money"

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It's election time in Westport! School election time, that is.

Anna-Kat and her half-a-bubble-off-plumb friend Franklin announce they're going to run for president and vice president of their class. Knowing Anna-Kat will get creamed, and worried she will backslide in her OCD, Katie and Greg convince her to run for an office that's unopposed - Green Chair, head of her class's recycling committee. As head of the school recycling committee, Greg's thrilled to be raising a legacy!

Oliver, meanwhile, is determined to get Katie to sign a permission slip so he can apply to a prestigious dance boarding school. Katie, of course, isn't going to cart him off to boarding school to become even more of a terrible snob and says no. This leads Oliver to share his troubles with his uber-rich, uber-terrible bestie Cooper, who suggests he become even more obnoxious so Katie will want to get rid of him. Oh no...

While being tucked into bed, Anna-Kat reveals some surprising news - she's not running unopposed any more. Penny Brown-Mueller-Lotten, aka the child of Katie's nemesis Chloe Brown-Mueller, is her new opponent. Katie quickly realizes that Chloe threw Penny in the race to get back at Katie for purposely ordering the last bran muffin at the restaurant and then throwing it away in front of her. ("I'll never poop again!")

Determined to not give Chloe the upper-hand, Katie resolves to do everything she can to help Anna-Kat win. Katie, Anna-Kat, and Franklin hand out donuts out front of the school, which seems to be working, until Chloe and Penny show up with crepes and cash. Katie knows Anna-Kat's really got no chance now, and Doris advises she play dirty. This is gonna go over real well...

While Oliver's scheming and Anna-Kat's busy running for office, Taylor is practicing for the school play with her new friend Pierce, who's just a little too friendly. Greg quickly picks up that Pierce is out for more than friendship with Taylor, but Tripp, being too good-natured and stupid, is oblivious to this. So, Greg sets out to stop Pierce in his tracks. ("I have a collection of Revolutionary sabers that hunger to be unsheathed!")

Katie and Greg discuss each other's mutual schemes. Katie suggests Greg cozy up to Pierce so he can expose him. Greg invites Pierce to dinner, where he quickly goes all "Law-and-Order"-interrogation-room on him. Oliver, with Cooper's help, uses dinner as an opportunity to be even more horrible than usual, but Katie quickly catches on, and again tells him he's not getting that signature for boarding school applications.

On the campaign trail, Katie takes Doris's advice and photographs Chloe throwing out recyclables, which she then posters all over the school. Chloe then plasters posters of Greg using a non-biodegradable dog poop bag. This leads Katie to stuff Penny's locker full of cans, and then Chloe to stuff Anna-Kat's locker full of furs. From there, they race to put up as many derogatory posters about each other as possible. While putting up their own posters and ripping down the other's in the school hallway, they get into an actual shoving match.

Caught by the principal, Katie and Chloe, along with girls, are sent to the office. Principal Albin declares he's just going to eliminate the position of Green Chair completely when Anna-Kat speaks up and points out that the worst part about the whole thing is the harm Katie and Chloe did to the environment wasting paper for posters. Seeing how much the position is needed, Anna-Kat asks Principal Albin to keep the position and give it to Penny. At this, Penny, who's actually nothing like her mother, suggests that she and Anna-Kat be co-chairs. Katie realizes that she screwed up big-time and apologizes to Anna-Kat, though she vows to stay arch-enemies with Chloe.

Finally, Katie and Greg have a change of heart on the Oliver-front after going to pick him up at ballet, seeing him practicing alone (Granted, they are super late.), and realizing how dedicated he is. Katie tells Oliver that the reason she wouldn't sign the form was because she isn't ready to let him go, but if he really wants to apply, she'll support him. And Greg? He decides Pierce might actually be alright when he finds out he's also hanging out with Tripp. Of course, Katie has to point out that he's probably practicing her own favorite scheme of "Keep your friends close and your enemies closer." Uh-oh!

Random Thoughts:
-No, Greg, superheroes don't pick up trash at night!

-Anna-Kat and Franklin are hilarious together. ("Oh Franklin, what am I going to do with you. Just love you, I guess.")

-Cooper has a house on every continent?!? ("You ever see "March of the Penguins? They marched right by our place!")

-Best lines go to Franklin after Anna-Kat announces their presidential bid - "Oh thank goodness, I thought you were gonna say we were engaged." and Katie, when Oliver first brings up going to boarding school - "We're not rich idiots who just throw money at people to raise their stupid kids. We are good middle-class parents. We raise our own stupid kids."

Will Oliver be going off to boarding school? Is Pierce going to get between Taylor and Tripp? Let me know what you think below!

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