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American Horror Story - Forbidden Fruit - Review: "Surprise, Witch"

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Most of the main characters may be dead in AHS Apocolpyse, but new life has been breathed into me by a certain witch after the closing moments of this episode. But before we get to that glorious moment, let's discuss the events that happened before this, all of which built up momentum for the rest of the season.

After traumatizing Gallant and making him a murderer, Michael is moving on to ruining everyone else. Through this we find out something new about each character. Coco is too shallow to have any deep dark places, Dinah and Michael already know each other, and Andre hates his mother, who to my surprise is Dinah. Oh, and Mallory is a witch. She knocks the crap out of Michael when he pushes her too far, putting the fear of Cordelia in him. Yes, Michael has an issue with witches. Turns out that he thought he took care of all of them, but now that he sees Mallory is one, he's going to have to do something about that with the help of his father, the devil himself. He's legitimately scared, guys.

I have to say Cody Fern and Billie Lourde are the MVPs of this episode for me. She did so great in this scene with Michael. Mallory is clearly trying to keep her emotions in check and not be afraid of or affect by Michael, but his words bring out something in her that scares her more than she's scared of him and what deep down she knows she's capable of but is too afraid to let it out because she doesn't know what will happen. Lourde did an amazing job of portraying this and Fern did just as great working to bring that out in her as Michael.

But if there is another MVP this episode, in a very close third, it is Kathy Bates. After the reveal of her Mrs. Robotoness, we get inside Mead's head a little bit and learn some things about her past that turn out to be not true because they are actually implanted memories. SHe doesn't know what to make of that. The only thing she knows is that she is loyal to Venable no matter what, and proves that loyalty when Venable mentions she's not been chosen to leave. Mead suggests they kill them all and go to the outpost themselves.

Now, it turns out that not only is the outpost facing the threat of witches and robots, but we get another one in the form of The Hound mutated Brock. He's not fairing so well after being left behind in Los Angeles, but, at least he's alive. Through his eyes we get to see the post-apocalyptic world and how survivors are dealing with it. There aren't many and they are doing about as well as Brock. Well, now they're doing worse because Brock kills all of them and steals their stuff. Then, he sees a carriage coming by. It's likely going to the outpost. Now, Brock is somehow aware that Coco is safe somewhere, so I'm assuming he figures she's at wherever this carriage is going or it will somehow lead him to her, so he hitches a ride on the bottom.

The carriage was indeed going to the outpost. What's inside? A box, as Venable, Mead, and Amazon Eve's character The Fist discover, carrying delicious, harmless apples. They assume Michael had it sent to show Outpost 3 what's waiting for them at the super awesome other outpost, so they decide to take a page out of The Evil Queen's book and ruin these innocent apples with poison. Then they will throw a party and make everyone eat them at the same time. After hatching this diabolical plan, when the coast is clear and Venable and Mead are gone, Brock kills The Fist and takes her badge. Aww.

The Outpost 3 gang finds out about the party. They're so excited. I would feel bad for them if most of them weren't killers or bullies or have some kind of relationship to The Devil. But to Coco's credit, she does realize this party is just a cover for something, but she's very, very wrong about what is being covered up. She thinks it's another one of Michael's tests, a way to show your worthiness for going to the new outpost by being really pretty and fashionable, somehow? Well, she was circling the right idea.

At the party, Coco tries to impress everyone with her costume. No one is impressed. Except maybe a guy in a mask who shows up who kind of looks like Rubber Man but isn't. She thinks it is Michael, but it's not. She makes the same mistake as Gallant by not getting confirmation on who is under the mask. She offers him her very particular skill set, which doesn't include Liam Neeson or torture devices. But, the masked man is too gentlemanly to make her do that. Instead, he just straight up stabs her in the forehead because it turns out it was Brock under the mask and he was pretty mad about the whole being left behind thing. After Coco, all the other dominoes fall as well. The rest of the outpost's guests take bites out of the apples and die pretty gruesomely together.

Venable and Mead are super excited that their plan worked. The only one left to deal with is Michael. So how does our antichrist handle this? He's pleased, actually. Because he reveals he wants the darkest of souls to come to the outpost, not the goody-goody non-murderers. But, he still decides to kill Venable anyway because he doesn't like her. But he doesn't kill her himself, he makes Mead do it. It turns out that Mead is actually loyal to Michael because Michael made her in the image of someone he cared about. He's the one that's been putting her up to these plans. Venable is the last domino to fall. With all threats to him gone, Michael is free to carry on his plans. He's won. Except ...

In the final moments, we are taken to a misty place outside of the outpost, with three silhouettes, all bearing down on the outpost with style and purpose, gradually coming into clarity. Bow down, witches, because it's Cordelia, Madison, and Myrtle Snow. YAS, QUEENS. Giving life to the dead and hope to the cynical, The Supreme is there to save the day. But first, she has to save their sisters, which turn out to be Coco, Mallory, and Dinah. Cordelia brings them all back to life, but is it the characters we actually know? Because when Mallory sits up, she removes her glasses, because she or whoever is in that body doesn't need them anymore. Also, the way Madison talks to her, it sounds like they already know each other. Hurray for a Scream Queens reunion, by the way.

Okay, this was definitely the best episode of the season so far. It feels like things are really kicking off now. My only question is what they're going to do about the rest of the dead characters. Are they gone for good or will the witches bring them back too? But to be honest, I don't really care about that. Queen Supreme Cordelia is back, and all is right with the world or will be soon.

How does everyone else feel about this episode?

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