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A Million Little Things - Friday Night Dinner - Review

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Last week everyone found out about Delilah and Eddie's affair and this week everyone is still dealing with that news. "Friday Night Dinner" also focuses around, yes, you guessed it: Friday night dinner. Apparently Jon used to make pizzas every Friday and invite everyone over. Throughout the episode we flash back to old pizza nights which helps us learn more about Delilah and Jon's struggles. We also learn that Delilah's dad has some memory problems.

Back in the present day Gary and Rome have devised a plan to get Regina and Delilah together so they can work out their issues. Delilah has been avoiding going to the restaurant, and Regina never returned Delilah's texts. When they all get to the restaurant Delilah tries to explain why she turned to Eddie. Jon was distant and was always working. Eddie was there. Regina is angry because if she had known she could have been there for her or Jon. But now Jon's gone. This upsets Delilah, and she tells Regina she should do the restaurant without her.

Delilah's life doesn't get any easier at home. Sophie feels like her mom is pushing Jon farther and farther away. She misses pizza night. I did like the speech Ashley gave to Delilah to make her feel better. Ashley says that Sophie isn't mad at her; she's mad at the world. She also says that we don't always get to choose love. Sometimes it chooses us. After saying that, Ashley pauses at Jon's clothes from the dry cleaners and I have to wonder: did Ashley love Jon?

While Delilah struggles with her friendships and with parenting, Maggie struggles with facing her cancer. Her doctor wants to schedule her surgery and start treatment right away, but Maggie isn't sure. She wants to know what will happen if she doesn't do anything. The doctor tells her she won't live beyond a year.

At the cancer support group Gary can sense something is wrong, and I think she was about to tell him when they're interrupted by Rebecca, another woman from the group. She lets it slip that she and Gary also hooked up in the bathroom which upsets Maggie. They get into a huge argument, and Gary points out that she wanted this to be fun. She asks him if he was really afraid to take his shirt off or if that was just another one of his moves.

Rome and Maggie have lunch, and she helps Rome realize that he should talk to Regina about wanting to quit his job and living his dream. I was really looking forward to their lunch since last week so I'm glad we actually got to see it. I liked her story about the survivors of Brooklyn Bridge and how the survivors regretted jumping the second they did it. I thought the quote from one of the survivors was very powerful. "It's not that I don't want to live. It's that I don't want to live like this." I think applies to both Rome and Maggie. She wants to live, but she's scared about going through treatment again.

After the lunch Rome tells Regina he hates his job and wants to quit. He wants to make his movie. Regina is very supportive and she's sorry she didn't realize how bad things were for him. He's still worried about money, and she assures him they'll make it work. Rome and Regina have a strong marriage, and I am glad they are working together to make their dreams happen.

Regina's conversation with Rome inspires her to reach out to Delilah. She apologizes for not seeing how bad she was hurting, but Delilah says she didn't let Regina see it. Then Regina offers to help Delilah make a better pizza. I know that Regina can't completely forgive Delilah right away, but I'm glad she's trying. I don't think what Delilah and Eddie did was right, but friendships are so important and it seems like Regina and Delilah have a good one.

Gary tries to mend things with Maggie, too. He goes over to her place to talk to her. He tries to convince her he's changed, and while she doesn't believe him at first, he takes off his shirt and shows her his scar. Maggie touches the scar, and then Maggie and Gary kiss. But she doesn't tell Gary about her cancer. In fact she throws her book with her cancer treatment plan away. I wish she would tell Gary about her cancer. Or at least tell someone. I hope that this secret isn't dragged out too long especially since she's going to get worse if she doesn't start treatment soon.

Katherine and Eddie have a harder time moving forward. At the beginning of the episode they agree that they don't know what they should do. Katherine admits that they were broken before Eddie had his affair. We flashback to one of Eddie's concerts where everyone looks happy. All the guys are there along with a pregnant Katherine. But Eddie was still drinking then, and we learn he was drunk the day Katherine went into labor.

Later Sophie shows up at Katherine's house, and I thought Katherine was really good with her. Katherine talks to Sophie about how Delilah is strong, and sometimes it's hard to be one strong one. Sometimes pretending everything is fine and putting on a brave face is the hardest thing of all. Eddie overhears this, and apologizes to Katherine. He realizes she was the strong one and stepped up when he couldn't. I liked these conversations for several reasons. I'm glad Katherine was able to put her feelings for Delilah aside and help Sophie. It also shows how Katherine was there for her family especially when Eddie wasn't sober.

Regina and Eddie drop Sophie off at her house, and Theo wants to stay for pizza night. Jon's motto was "Everyone's Invited" so Katherine agrees that they can stay. Eddie and Gary even agree that they are going to try to get along. The group seems happy as they make their pizzas, and Rome tells everyone he quit his job. As they eat Katherine raises her glass to Jon, but Delilah's dad wonders why they are toasting him. They told him that Jon was still at work. This was a sad moment, but Delilah makes it better by asking her dad to tell the story of how Delilah and Jon met.

I think this show is doing a good job of showing how everyone deals with hard issues. Everyone handles grief in their own way. Delilah's way of dealing with losing Jon was pushing him away, but Sophie wants to hold on to him and keep the family tradition of Friday night pizza.

What did you think of "Friday Night Dinner"? How do you feel about Maggie delaying her treatment? Are you glad Delilah and Regina are speaking again? Let me know in the comments!

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