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You - The Captain - Advance Preview: Eight Seconds

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Last week on You, Joe disposed of Benji’s body by burning the corpse in the woods. He continued to butt heads with Peach - who does not like sharing Beck, which may or may not be for romantic reasons. Beck and Joe finally made it between the sheets but Joe tapped out eight seconds in, leading to a very awkward morning after.

Face-up in Beck’s newly built bed and mortified; that’s where we find Joe at the start of this week’s episode and more specifically where we find the object of his affection: Beck. It’s Beck’s turn behind the wheel this week as we actually get to see inside her head. She does a majority of the internal monologuing.

In fact, we learn quite a bit about Beck this week but I won’t spoil the surprise. I did read the book before I watched this show and I find myself endeared to Beck. She’s a relatable character in how utterly imperfect she is. This episode continued to highlight all the ways she defies the typical manic pixie trope that girls in these stories often become.

Not only does Joe have to contend with his lack of performance after finally getting his chance to impress Beck in bed, she’s also texting a suspicious man that goes by “The Captain” in her phone and nothing more. Even worse, she’s planning to meet up with him this weekend and Joe, being the stalker that he is, would be remiss if he didn’t trod along behind her to see exactly what she’s up to.

The primary focus of this episode is Beck, but there are also some developments in the relationship between Joe and Beck.

Beyond the two of them, Peach is not so easily dissuaded from her path to get Joe out of the picture. Shay gets to tap into her Pretty Little Liars arsenal and do a little bit of sleuthing. Does she find anything? Does she give up? You’ll have to watch to find out! - And also just to see her amazing fashion taste. Seriously, can someone tell Shay Mitchell the world is not a runway? Or actually, please don't.


“They’re just words, Beck. Tell him what he wants to hear.”

“What, so it’s look hot or be a writer?”

“What is it with motel rooms and you wanting to dive into your panties?”

“Maybe Emily Dickinson had it right, the solitary prowess of a silent life.”

“Beck, I should be your captain.”

“Touch me again, crazypants, I dare you.”

“You didn’t save him.”

“Get the batter off the ladle while it’s wet.”

“I was a hostile goose.”


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