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The Purge - Take What's Yours - Advance Preview

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This is a preview for next week's episode of The PurgeEpisode two of The Purge, titled Take What's Yours, will air next TuesdaySeptember 11th, at 10:00 pm (EST) on USA Network!

In last night's pilot episode, we established the four main threads we'll be following over the next nine episodes; here is a quick rehashing:

1. Jane: A corporate drone whose ambitions are being choked by a boss that doesn't see her potential. She partakes in a mysterious transaction at the end of the episode. Might she have a plan to change that?

2. Rick & Jenna: The picturesque couple attending a wealthy party hosted by Rick's boss. It's imperative that the couple impress him. However, they run into a blast from the past in the shapely form of Lila (Lili Simmons), who threatens to knock both of them off their axis, Jenna in particular.

3. Penelope: After checking herself out of rehab and joining a cult that pledges to let themselves be victims of the purge in order to aide the "greater good," it seems like Penelope may be having some doubts about what she agreed to. Or is she?

4. Miguel: A Marine and brother dutifully trying to find his sister, Penelope, after she checks herself out of rehab without notifying anyone. Miguel's journey certainly isn't an easy one as he meets obstacle after obstacle and several dead ends on his hunt.

Based on the format of episode two, it seems like from here on out, each episode will tackle a different character's backstory. Next week we're focusing on Jane and we'll see what lead her to the point where she feels desperate enough to pay someone for their purging services. We will also begin to see the nature of Jenna and Lila's relationship, which may surprise you. Clearly, Lila is a force to be reckoned with and I'm very curious to see how deep her entanglements with Rick and Jenna truly go. Lili Simmons and Hannah Emily Anderson play well off of each other. I'd even go as far as to say they have more chemistry than Hannah does with Colin Woodell, who plays Rick. Don't get me wrong, Woodell is great and very charming in his role. I think that's what makes this particular trio so compelling to watch, they're beautiful and magnetic. It's hard to look away.

We do gain a little more insight into the cult. They've adopted a new creepy mantra this episode and it goes a little something like this:
“Purify my flesh, cleanse my soul, the giving is here, the invisible awaits.”
I have to say, I am rather fascinated by the cult and their beliefs. I wouldn't mind an episode spent discovering its origins. Next episode we do start to see what kind of role Penelope plays within the cult. As for her brother, Miguel? His circumstances aren't any less grim than his sister's. Let's just say that the writers are clearly having a good time coming up with twisted new ways to keep purging interesting and fresh. Gone are the days of hack and slash murder sprees, this year's purging is more intricate and much nastier than that.

I am enjoying having our characters so separate from each other, it makes the world within the show seem more vast and I like experiencing the purge from multiple vantage points, that was a strength in the films and I'm glad it has carried over to the show. But I hope we'll get to see some actual interactions between storylines soon, there is a slight hint of one in this episode but I won't say anymore than that.


- I'm really enjoying how the relationship exploration and development is playing out. Almost every relationship or scene between two characters is loaded with tension, even between characters we expect to be friends. Anyone could snap. Is this all a facade? Anyone could be setting a potential trap.

- It's cool to see the character's adapt to Purge night. Night vision goggles and other equipment are scattered throughout, people always find a way to evolve with the times don't they?


“On Purge night, America lives up to its promise. So how will you use this freedom? Will you right some wrongs? Will you heal? Will you hurt? Will you give life? Will you take life? Just don’t let yourself or your country down. The Purge is America. So be an American and purge.”

“The Purge notwithstanding the natural human bent is towards order. In the absence of that, people find a way to pay homage.”

“It’s the beauty of America, opportunity for all, right?"

“Remember what awaits you. Be strong, my love.” 

“We don't accept volunteers, only live catches.” 

“You know what’s weird? He might make a big investment in your company, but he doesn’t know a single thing about you.”

“You’d purge over a bad date?”

“Sometimes it feels like purging is the only answer.”

“Once we transact there’s no turning back.”

“It’s my right to purge."

What did you think of last night's episode? Will you stick around for episode two? Let me know in the comments!

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