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The Last Ship - Casus Belli - Preview: "I Know Not All That May Be Coming"

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As always, the season premiere is written by Steven Kane. It's directed by Paul Holahan. And it's the last premiere that The Last Ship will ever have. What a voyage this show has taken us on, what adventures we have had. I'm privileged to bring you this preview.

We are shown how everyone's lives have changed in the three years since the Nathan James ended the famine. Change has come to the James herself as well. Some of the crew have moved on. Some have moved up. And some seem to be exactly as we last left them. Every time a beloved character reappeared I smiled.

A death at the start of the episode startled me.

The premiere focuses on two separate unrelated celebrations. One celebration is a cause for pride and joy. The other is overshadowed by protests.

Each friendship and relationship gets a health check. New bonds have formed in the last three years. Old bonds have been strained.

Legacy is addressed, and there are multiple tributes to fallen friends, a couple especially moving ones.

Someone's soul might need saving. Not Chandler's this time

"Casus belli" is a Latin expression for an event that provokes war. The trailer does reveal this event but not the full extent you will see in the premiere. It will hurt.

The story that is set up for this season could not be more epic in scale, in suspense, and in potential emotional devastation.

So don't forget to come onboard September 9th at 9 P.M. ET/PT when the premiere airs on TNT. Then check back here at SpoilerTV for a full review, speculation, and possibly a group therapy session.

One Last Mission. His Last Mission. Our Last Mission.

Some dialogue teases to tide you over:

"People let their fear, their honor, their interest cloud their judgment."

"You're so weird. I love you."

"Don't take it personally."

"He's doing what makes him happy or at least what keeps him sane."

"Both oceans at once?"

"I'm responsible for every soul on this ship."

"You do not offer us protection."

"If I don't hear from you soon, I'm going to come looking for you."

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