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The Good Doctor - Hello - Advance Preview

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Previously on The Good Doctor, Jared got the acceptance letter from a job in Denver, Dr. Glassman finds out he was misdiagnosed and his cancer is operable thanks to Shaun's insistence, and Shaun realizes that he made a mistake during a surgery and decided to come clean Dr. Andrews about it, risking Dr. Glassman's job in the process.

Season 2 begins the residents sitting waiting outside the hospital president's office for their yearly review, who now happens to be Dr. Andrews. He provides them with various criticism and things they need to work on.

Jared spends his last day at the hospital treating homeless people on the streets along with Shaun who is doing to work on his weakness, which is communication. Jared also wonders why Shaun isn't with Dr. Glassman who is meeting his new oncologist for the first time. When Jared thinks a patient has a condition that needs treatment at the hospital, he takes a chance, knowing that Dr. Andrews will not be pleased. But is he doing it for the right reasons, or does he need to leave St. Bonaventure with a win?

Meanwhile, Dr. Melendez along with the rest of the residents plans on performing a much publicized (thanks to Andrews) piggyback transplant (attaching donor heart to a weaker one). However, when they come across a complication and one of the residents suggests a risky fix, will he go through with it or not?

The episode introduces new character of Dr. Marina Blaize, played by Lisa Edelstein, who is an expert oncologist who has been brought back to St. Bonaventure Hospital as Dr. Glassman's last act as president so that she could treat him. However, it turns out that Blaize is neither intimidated by Glassman and nor going to whatever he tells her to. So Dr. Glassman has to wait, and wait, and be treated like any other patients would, which turns out to be quite hard for him.

While watching the episode, I didn't even realize that Beau Garrett was absent as Jessica Preston. Only when the news of her not returning was announced did I realize that. I am not sure if her exit will be addressed in coming episodes, but I found it quite strange for her character to be written out at a when Dr. Glassman needs all the emotional support he can get from his friends. At least Shawn will be there for him, or will he?

If you didn't know already, the season premiere was written by star Freddie Highmore and he did an amazing job with it, in my opinion.

The Good Doctor returns September 24th on ABC.

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