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SpoilerTV`s Weekly Round Table: 59th Edition

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Hello and Welcome to a new Edition of SpoilerTV`s Weekly Round Table. And even though Emmy drama is going down tonight, we are for once staying away from it at least for this week. SpoilerTV members featured in this issue are Marko, Yon, Shal, Mads, Beth, Milo, Ellys, Joey. You just have to sit back enjoy the read and join the discussion in the comment section down below.

1. Fall season officially returns in 7 days(by the time I publish this) which returning series promo made U squeal from happiness?

Marko: HTGAWM was it for me. I really liked seeing Annalise chilling, dancing, having fun while all the mess was going down. The buzz on the show is quite positive and with the casting of Timothy Hudson, this season has to turn into a winner. Besides that, the Titans trailer brought all the feels. Can`t wait to dig into the premiere. Also, the Charmed promotional material is fine, I hope the audience will warm up to it a bit after seeing the premiere.

Yon: Surprisingly enough Supergirl along with NCIS: Los Angeles and The Goldbergs. My interest in Supergirl has sadly waned since the show first began, and whilst I'm still not completely sure whether I am going to tune into season 4, I am feeling slightly more hopeful over it as more promos are released. NCIS: Los Angeles just loves to play with my emotions and I am still super behind but so psyched for the new season, and you can never go wrong with The Goldbergs. Really hoping though that we get some promos for a few other shows like Dynasty, Legends of Tomorrow and Black Lightning. It's alright releasing promotional photos and fun recap vids, but I need more.

Shal: This Is Us and Superstore! I'm excited for both their new seasons and the promos made the wait more excruciating.

Mads: Riverdale! Probably my most anticipated return. It’s just so ridiculous and fun. I’m looking forward to this “cult” storyline for next season. Also Grey’s Anatomy, excited about Chris Carmack’s casting and their first gay male doctor in particular! I’m blanking on every show right now of course but a few others I’m anticipating are The Good Place, Charmed, Manifest, Arrow, A Million Little Things, Legacies, All American, Superstore, The Gifted, The Rookie, Tell Me a Story, and Titans!

Beth: I have to say that even though 9-1-1 released teasers, the full promo they just dropped got me really excited. It showed some of the new characters and returning favorites interacting as well as a bit of what is in store for them this season. I also loved The Goldbergs promo because they always do these types of 'tribute' episodes so well.

Milo: I haven't been paying that much attention to promos but Titans are probably the main one for me. It looks so cool and so different from any other DC show that we've had so far.

Ellys: The most thrilling promos I have seen for returning fall TV come from The Resident and 9-1-1. The Resident especially was excellent. In just 30 seconds, they showed clips of all the main characters in action, gave me a lump in my throat, and put the upcoming conflicts on display. Plus some romance. This Is Us has also had a couple of delightful ones so far.

Joey: I haven't seen a ton of promos, but Grey's Anatomy had a lot going on in their short promo and I almost dropped my laptop when I saw Meredith in bed know.

2. Major DCEU Shake Up! Henry Cavill is out of the role of Superman in the DCmovieverse! Your thoughts on this seemingly abrupt decision from the studio. Was Henry a good Superman? And who would be your pick for a possible substitution?

Marko: Not sure if this is real or marketing, either way, it just shows how directionless the DCEU is. And I am saying this as someone who isn`t the biggest Henry Cavill fan but I hope there is a way to keep

him inside the verse. I liked most of the DC movies and I want stability in the verse. Also, is there anyone else who truly looks better for the part that Henry?

Yon: Honestly I don't at all pay attention to the Comic Movies universe, but even I was a little surprised with this announcement. DC movies are very much in the shadow of the Marvel universe. To an extent they get the better actors, films are better received and they make more money. DC always feel like they're playing catch up and throwing whatever they can at the dart board until something sticks. There's no real plan for their verse going forward, and I think they could do with paying less attention to Marvel and just focus on making good movies. Henry Cavill had the right type of looks for Clark Kent, he was just let down by bad scripts (which is something that can be said for most DC films). Why they're even bothering with a Supergirl film when we have The CW show I don't know (and the same goes for their version of The Flash). Marvel universe works well because the universe is somewhat separated from the shows, but they still shout out to each other and we don't have a Thor TV show running at the same time as the film. As for who I'd pick to replace him, absolutely no-one because I don't think he needs replacing or we need more Superman films at the moment. It's alright to reboot every once in a while, but Henry will still be quite fresh on everyone's minds.

Mads: Well based on Henry’s Instagram video and the rumors I’ve been reading, it doesn’t seem like Henry is out at all. This looks like a possible negotiation tactic, either from Henry’s camp or WB’s. His agent tweeted that things were still happening behind the scenes so I think everything is very much still up in the air (no pun intended). That said, I honestly wouldn’t mind if DC took a break from Batman and Superman to focus on other characters, the Joker too for that matter. Maybe that’s blasphemy but DC has such a rich character roster and I want to see some new blood. I mean honestly, do we really need two Joker origin movies?

Milo: Looks like a bit of contract negotiation judging by what we've seen so far. As a football fan - or more specifically, as a fan of Arsenal FC, I'm well used to having key players in the team and their agents use different tricks for contracts to maximise their earnings. Given that Cavill excelled in one of the biggest summer movies this year (and the best), Mission Impossible: Fallout, and his role as Superman should be one of the key parts of the DCEU, I wouldn't be surprised if this was just agent talk at this stage. Even the press release from WB hasn't really given us anything much to go on yet. But if he leaves, I'd like to see Michael B. Jordan take up the role given he was one of the names floated about in the hours after the news broke. It would be something different and would work very well indeed.

Ellys: I am not certain Cavill is done playing Superman, especially after his cheeky social media posting. Then again, the DCEU doesn't seem to have a clear road map for its future or most of its characters, including Superman. Cavill may be ready to move on to a world where he can have permanent facial hair. All things considered, DC has failed to combine their beloved characters into one cinematic universe. Perhaps sticking to just solo outings in the future will be their salvation.

3. Staying in the comic universe a TV Lois Lane was announced. Elizabeth Tulloch took the role of the famous reporter for the big Arrowverse Xover. Additionally, Cassandra Jean Amell was cast as Nora Fries a potential DC supervillain. Thoughts on the castings and may these two Ladies potentially join the Batwoman series?

Marko: Visually I am very happy with the castings, the two actresses really look the part. On the other side, I haven`t seen them perform but am hoping for the best. I like that the DC-verse is bit expanding and that characters aren`t exclusive to one or the other verse. As for the ladies joining Batwoman that would be really cool especially considering that Batwoman should be on Supergirl`s world. So Lois could stick a bit in Gotham while Clark visits the remaining part of Krypton.
P.S. I really don`t get the fuzz about Cassandra getting cast. It happens all the time all across the TV world, Alyson Hannigan`s husband on HIMYM, Viola Davis`husband last season of HTGAWM. So in that regard, people just need chill.

Yon: I've seen a little of Elizabeth Tulloch on Grimm and I think this is good casting. She's a little known, has worked with good material before and is better than some of the choices they could've gone with. Having said that she'll never really be as good as Erica Durance on Smallville, who is my favorite Lois Lane to date, but I'm willing to give her and this crossover a chance. It's difficult to comment on Cassandra given I've never really seen her in anything. I don't want to be too unfair on her because for all I know she could be a decent actress, but I can't help thinking she bagged this role in part because she's married to Stephen. I wasn't exactly comfortable with Courtney Ford bagging the role as Nora on Legends of Tomorrow either, and whilst she has surprised me and the character is decent enough, can't help thinking someone else should've played her. The CW though very much like to keep things in the family (using the same actors a lot plus partners) so the casting doesn't surprise me. Nora Fries isn't a character I really know of either, but we'll see how it goes.

Shal: I was not expecting Bitsie to play Lois but I loved her on Grimm so I'm definitely willing to give the casting a chance. I'm so excited for her and can't wait to see Lois' scenes despite my lack of interest in the crossover. And it's still's blowing my mind (in a good way) that she's being paired with Tyler Hoechlin!

Mads: I don’t know anything about Elizabeth but she certainly looks the part. As for Cassandra, I can only see her as the ANTM contestant that had a meltdown over her haircut. That said, I’ll withhold judgment until I see the finished product, which is also how I feel about Ruby Rose as Batwoman. Not much use in getting upset about it before I even see the costumes or a scene of them in action.

Beth: I am not familiar with either of their previous work but hope they can do both roles justice. I am just not as excited about this crossover given that the Legends are sitting out, so any news that drops is a simple 'meh' on my part.

Milo: Unlike Ruby Rose I haven't seen any of them in anything before so I'm looking forward to seeing what they can bring to the table. Nora Fries has historically been the love interest of Mr. Freeze in the comics, so it looks like the Arrowverse could have their own version given Mr. Freeze himself is on Gotham. Given Freeze's status as a Batman rogue, it makes sense that Nora would head on over to Batwoman, but I would be surprised if Lois Lane also jumped over to Batwoman given how important she is to Superman's mythology.

Ellys: Never watched Grimm or anything else Tulloch starred in, so I can't have any thoughts on her casting. Supergirl is leaning hard into its journalism roots, but I still very much doubt it will be able to accurately portray that field or do it justice. As for Amell, another actress (?) I am unfamiliar with, it seems like her role will just be a guest star. There's always a sort of awkwardness when real-life spouses appear onscreen together like this. (see when Melissa Benoist's then-husband guest starred on Supergirl) It is not usually that memorable.

Joey: I'm excited to see these two ladies joining the Arrowverse. The characters, at least. I haven't seen either of them in anything else, so I can't speak to how they will perform, but I'm excited to find out. Nora could easily be a part of the Batwoman series (unless they waste the character as a one-off villain/character), but I doubt Lois Lane is going to be making a move to Gotham. If anything, she might join Supergirl, but I'm not expecting to see her outside of the crossover and maybe guest appearances in the future.

That is a wrap guys! Ur turn now, come and join the discussion down below. Till we read again. . .

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