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One Dollar - Ken Fry - Review

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Last week I was concerned about the pace of the show and while we had very little movement of the dollar bill again this week, they certainly made up for it by giving us more details on all the shenanigans our main characters are up to. So without further ado, let’s get into it…

Our main man Garrett is up to his eyeballs in trouble. We learn that not only is he heavily involved in what is now being called the “Seven Bloods” case, so is Pops. In episode one, we saw Garrett get a frantic call in the middle of the night that shook him pretty hard and now we know that was Pops calling to enlisted his help in washing the blood out of the truck. In a tense confrontation between the two, Pops claims that while he moved the body at the mill, he merely found the victim already dead and only did it to protect his employees as the mill couldn’t financially handle being closed for more than a couple days during an active investigation. However, now that the police department is searching all the cube trucks in the area, Pops is again calling on Garrett to get further involved by getting rid of the truck entirely. Garrett is rightfully angry – what about his daughter if caught? Pops tried to appease him with the promise of money but Garrett is still angry and outright asks Pops how he couldn’t know what was going on. Garrett eventually relents and while nothing goes as planned, he still successfully dumps the truck in a junkyard full of other cube trucks across the state line.

This week we also learn the identity of the mystery riddle man and current possessor of the dollar bill introduced at the end of episode one. His name is Ken “Walmart” Fry and he’s a skilled thief. So much so that even local lawman Chewy is impressed by his ability to avoid getting caught. Ken also has a cube truck that needs to be dealt with but since it is the bread and butter of his operation, it’d be more suspicious if he got rid of it completely so he needs to swap it out. Enter a new mystery man. Ken calls him to lay out the situation, rather pointedly reminding him that if Ken gets caught it would not end well for him either, but the guy seems more annoyed than concerned and hangs up on Ken after telling him he can’t help until next week. Ken has no choice but to go with plan B and contacts a buddy of his to meet him across the state border to swap out the trucks. We don’t get to see everything that’s in the back of the truck so there could be something other than stolen goods that he had to hide from the police but I’m with Chewy and the Chief here, I don’t think Ken is directly involved with the murders despite the fact that he was in possession of the dollar bill for almost the entire episode.

Next, we check in with Jake’s investigation. He’s making some progress, with no help from the police Chief, on the case by checking in with a friend at the hospital to see if there were any odd injuries the night of the murders. He learns of Ty’s ER visit and is instantly suspicious of the 4-wheeler accident that Ty claims caused his injuries. Jake tracks Ty down at his new townhouse but Ty is sticking to his accident story. When Dannie comes to the door to see what’s going on, Jake recognizes her as the girl who was blown off by the desk Captain when she tried to make a statement at the police station earlier in the episode. Wisely, Jake doesn’t say anything but the eye contact and body language between the two was clear that they both knew that’s where they had seen each other before and that this wasn’t going to be the last time she sees him. Still unconvinced by Ty’s story, Jake does a little B&E to check Ty’s storage locker and confirms that the 4-wheeler hasn’t been ridden in some time.

Finally, the dollar bill itself ends the episode in the possession of a school teacher when Ken gave it to her as change for a sale. We still haven’t seen the back side of the bill but the front side didn’t appear to have any other markings besides the numbers 8157 previously seen. As with last week, the dollar bill doesn't seem to be much of an important thread to keep us coming back each week, but I guess that’s what the seven bloody gloves nailed to a tree were for!

One last side note: Did anyone else find it absolutely hilarious that during Jake’s B&E at the storage locker, in the background we see Ken steal the bicycle leaning against a pole? This was my favorite scene of the episode and I hope that Ken stealing random stuff in the background becomes a semi-regular thing in the rest of the episodes – way more entertaining than following the dollar bill so far.

1. What was going on at the mill that Garrett thinks Pops should’ve known about?
2. Who’s the mystery guy on the phone with Ken? (My money is on Dannie’s dad, Wilson Furlbee)
3. What exactly does Ty do for Dannie’s dad?
4. We all know Rick didn’t head to Texas for work so is he one of the victims or a suspect? If a victim, where did the money Ken gave Terri come from?
5. Who lives at the house where the seven bloody gloves have been nailed to a tree?

What are your thoughts on the questions above? What theories/questions do you have after week two? Sound off in the comments!

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