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Mom - Pre-Washed Lettuce and a Mime - Review: "I Am a Freaking Miracle"

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Big things are on the horizon for the Plunkett women this year. Christy's beginning law school and Bonnie is finally planning to tie the knot with Adam.

Mom begins with Bonnie getting up early to make Christy a special first-day-of-school breakfast. (I guess the impossible does happen!) Christy's on top of the world, until she actually gets to school, where her professor promptly announces that by the end of the year, one of the class will have dropped out. That's encouraging...

At a meeting later, Bonnie tells everyone how excited she is to plan her wedding, "a day all about me, planned by me, starring me!" Christy shares how nervous her first day of law school made her and worries how she will balance work and school.

Later at work, Christy's about to leave when another waiter goes home sick and the manager makes her stay late. When she finally does get home, she realizes she left her backpack at the restaurant and is locked out. Bonnie, who is sleeping on the couch in protest, after having a dream that Adam cheated on her with Louise from Whole Foods, resolves to put her old lock-picking skills to use.

Well, apparently, Bonnie's skills really are old. She's behind on the times with the newest locks and is useless with the restaurant lock. Christy has Bonnie hoist her through the "transom," (I would have just called it a window too, Christy!) but, when she gets halfway through the window, the alarm goes off. Bonnie nearly runs off and leaves her, and Christy ends up falling on the ground (Yeah right you were gonna catch her, Bonnie!), and the backpack stays locked in the restaurant.

The next day in class, Christy is called on by the professor. After finding out Christy didn't do the reading, he makes the whole class sit and stare at her for 20 minutes while she borrows another student's book and reads the case.

Later, Bonnie stresses over the possibility that Adam might want a prenup and the fact that he doesn't seem interested in helping to plan the wedding. (She evens imagines him and Trader Joe's Louise making out on the couch!) That night, she again dreams Adam cheated on her with Louise.

At the bistro, Bonnie tells the girls about the dream and Christy tells Bonnie that her dreams are because deep down she really wants Adam to be more interested in the wedding.

When Marjorie asks Christy why she isn't in class, Christy tells the girls she dropped out. After listening to Christy ramble for a bit, Marjorie steps in with her usual inspirational speech and reminds Christy of all the many hard things she's already accomplished that she never thought she could. At the meeting, Christy listens to a first-timer speak about how impossible it seems to stay sober and flashes back to her own first meeting, where she admitted something very similar. Christy realizes Marjorie was right and takes off to "find the kid [she] sold her books to," but not before giving the new woman her phone number.

That night, after having another Adam and Louise dream, Bonnie admits she wants Adam to help plan the wedding and he agrees, though she immediately vetos his idea to get married on a boat!

Random Thoughts:
-I really like the new opening credits.

-I'm so glad Gus is back! He's so cute!

-No, Adam, when the Warriors won their first championship and beat the Cavaliers it was not epic. It was extremely terrible! #believeland

-Best lines go to Christy about her first day of class ("It was terrifying, like running out of booze in Utah terrifying.") and Wendy about not dreaming ("Every night is just an 8-hour preview of death.").

What did you think of the season premiere? Will Christy be able to handle law school? Will Bonnie and Adam ever make it down the aisle? Let me know below!

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