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BALLERS - The Kids Are A'ight - Review

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BALLERS - Episode 37 - The Kids Are A'ight

Spencer parks his Escalade and brings two large bouquets of flowers to see his business partners the Anderson Brothers. They are in recovery because one brother sold the other the kidney he needed to survive. For the family discounted price of 1.8 million of course. He pitches them the Quincy USC billion dollar deal and the insider trading that goes along with it and of course they are interested. They like Spencers willingness to crawl down in the mud and get dirty to make the deal happen.

Joe and Reggie are in the office playing foosball lamenting getting played by the skate group Illegal Civilization last episode in the Roscoe's Chicken fiasco. They overhear Jesse talking and canceling to someone on the phone and Joe jumps in and takes her phone away from her. It's a rep from Nike on the phone and he's looking for a skater they no longer rep so Joe tries to sweet talk the guy into taking a meeting with him to discuss Illegal Civ. The rep knows them and their animalistic behavior and is wary of them. He knows they left an Upper Decker at Puma but Joe convinces him that he's worked his magic on them and now they're better and ready for prime time. Nike bites and Joe gets the meeting!

Ricky Jerret swims in his pool while his father times him. Dad tells him he's beat his personal best and wonders if its the drive or drugs that might be fueling him to comeback to the NFL? Ricky says he's all straight and it's all about the money. His wife Amber appears and tells him its time to get ready to BBQ with the Whites. Pops misconstrues and thinks she's speaking racially as in "white people" but really she means Mr and Mrs White, their neighbors. TTD walks in with a nice glass bong in hand and misconstrues as well and thinks they are going to eat some white folks. He gets pissed when Ricky tells him that the dude Mr. White invented an app for people to set up play dates for their dogs with each other. Millionaire. TTD is hilariously pissed off because he had that idea.

Spencer and Joe talk on the phone about business until Spencer sees on the airport TV a report from Marcelus Wiley stating that Quincy Crawford has given a verbal commitment to Ohio St. Some people sitting in the airport are Buckeye fans and cheer loudly. Spencer is pissed and yells at them to shut the fuck up!

Quincy and some friends are riding quad racers around the oil derricks of LA. Q stops and takes Spencers pissed off call. He can't believe what he just saw. Q says its no big deal. He met Lebron James and he wanted him to go to Ohio St. so he said OK. He never really meant to go there, he was just bullshitting. I mean, how could he say no to the King? Spencer is livid and tells him he should have definitely said no and that this is fucking with his money now. Q doesn't like that and tells Spencer to straighten it out. Spencer is still pissed and tells the private aircraft captain and ground crew they have to make a stop in Columbus, Ohio.

At a very nice looking back yard party, rich white yuppies the Whites party it up with their friends and the Jerrets. They discuss president Trump and its obvious the Whites are big fans of the president. TTD is along for the ride and in his stoned out state he sees the movie "Get Out" references everywhere. Down to the stirring tea. He freaks a little when a nice white guy invites him to his remote cottage. The yuppie Whites like Ricky because he's one of them. He asks how and they say they, like him, are successful young Americans who just want to keep their money. They tell him he gets it, but a lot of "you" don't. Oooooohhhh. Not good.

Charles Greane is on the phone at Rams HQ selling Ricky as the slot receiver they need and he is working up a storm. So much so he couldn't even get away to pick up his wife who walks into his office a bit pissed off. He apologizes and they have a nice, sweet moment together. He smartly suggests she go get a massage and do some shopping while he works on Todd Gurley's contract. Wifey begrudgingly accepts.

Joe and Reggie track down the skate rats Illegal Civilization hideout and bust in on the stoners. Joe lays down a little fire at them for trying to play them with the chicken but tells them eventually they could make a bunch of money together. He drinks their crazy jungle juice cocktail and steals a bud from them as he tells them to get their shit together. Reggie tells them to be ready, the car will be there at four.

Ricky and the menfolk talk and smoke cigars in the backyard of the party. They chastise him for kneeling and supporting Colin Kaepernick and he gets mad and explodes at them! He yells Fuck Trump! Fuck that racist! The guys try to calm him down but he's on fire now. He tells them how he grew up poor, and on food stamps, and how his mom struggled to raise him. They tell him he's an exception and he declares Hell yeah I am, Fuck you! Boom. He crumbles his cigar and leaves. Shock and Awe.

Spencer gets a call from sports agent Jason and its not a pleasant one. Spencer lies to Jason to start off. Jason set Spencer and Q up in the first place and now Jason is hearing things. He's hearing the Andersons are looking to secure the USC tv rights. Uh oh. Busted. Spencer denies knowing about it and Jason reminds him that Q better come out of this squeaky clean, or he'll be coming for Spencer big time. He doesn't want anything to mess with his pay day either of course.

Spencer goes in to see the Ohio St. assistant coach to let him know that Quincy won't be attending school there. He's Uncle Spency and since the kid has such a good heart, he's stepping in and delivering the bad news in person for him. He tells him that Q needs a different education and to be closer to home so he'll be going elsewhere. The coach is disappointed but understands. He gets a litte dig in on Spencer as he leaves telling him that he forgot that those Miami boys like their bling after finding out Spencer is flying private.

Joe leads the meeting with the reps from Nike. They are looking for something different and real and with a grass roots following already built in. Joe says Il Civ is that thing. He touts the skaters attributes while the skate punks themselves sneak shots of Ipecac syrup under the table. Reggie and Joe see but too late as the syrup begins to make the skaters vomit! They puke all over the table, all over the Nike reps, and all over the meeting room! A guy slips and falls and bangs his head on the table! The skaters love it and are laughing hysterically. The Nike rep runs out and Joe can't take it any more and pukes his guts out in a trash can.

Ricky walks into his house still pissed off from the party. His Dad and wife chastise him for exploding at the party. He tells his side but they still think he's in the wrong and should just keep his mouth shut. He storms off, grabs his phone, and Tweets something.....? hmmmmmmm

Charles is still trapped in the office when his wife walks in with all her newly acquired shopping bags. He tells her he's frazzled and feels like he's failing everyone including her. She talks to him and gives him some good advice. You were afraid to fail, now you're afraid to succeed. Go for it! She does and grabs a hold of her man and gets some lovin'. Unfortunately she distracts him from seeing the messages coming in from his boss about what Ricky tweeted. "Fuck Trump and fuck The Whites" uh oh. something tells me people are going to misconstrue again.

Spencers driving along at night in his Escalade when he gets a call from one of the Anderson brothers. He likes the kid and because of that he's raised the money offer to $250 million for the USC rights. Their call gets cut off though as Spencer comes upon a police road block. They want him to get out of the car so their drug dog can check which he agrees to. They find his bag full of prescription pills and haul him in to jail.

Spencer stews in the local jail until a man comes in and introduces himself as JD and it's clear right away that he's a booster for Ohio St. The coach Spencer talked to earlier was his college roommate and boy golly gee he'd just about do anything for the program. Including fucking up Spencers life if he doesn't keep Q at OSU. Spencer doesn't rattle so easy and plays tough guy back but JD knows things. Things that could hurt Spencer if the NCAA were to find out about them. Spence gets let out, and even gets his pills back, but he's square between a Rock and a hard place.

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