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Wynonna Earp - Colder Weather - Advance Preview

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When television shows have been around for as long as they have? At some point the grim reaper will meet your favorite character, and the golden age of television is no different.

What makes a show stand-out when its dealing with matters of mortality, is how exactly it goes about it. 'Colder Weather' is a typical Wynonna Earp episode with bags if action, humor and heart.

For a brief recap, last weeks episode saw Dolls meet his maker and given his death is the first major loss the show has faced, it's completely understandable for the team to spend a bit of time mulling over their thoughts. Some are angry, some are sad, some are angry & sad, some are wondering what happens when they die. All of these thoughts lead to some pretty interesting and unintentionally in places, amusing conversations.

And like with any other show, when you have a death, you have unwelcome visitors.

One of those said unwelcome visitors comes with some pretty interesting information. Whilst this episode might be about taking stock, there is also a plot that needs to keep ticking along slowly, and one particular conversation is obviously in aid of that. There are also some rather interesting confrontations, some that are a little more on the painful side, and another which leads to an interesting revelation I really didn't see coming.

The grief causes some of the characters to take stock of their lives, opening themselves up to loved ones, crisis of faith and reacquainting themselves.

There are many things I adore about this show, and one of them is the different character dynamics and interactions. This week most definitely has that in bundles, along with some terrific one-lines, snappy dialogue, and some intriguing back and forth.

You can watch 'Colder Weather' this Friday at 9pm on Syfy.

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